FinanceMalta Sponsor for Malta’s football team

Friday, May 31, 2013, 16:16

Friday 31st May 2013, Malta – FinanceMalta, the public-private partnership set up to promote Malta’s financial services sector, is once again promoting Malta’s growing reputation as a financial jurisdiction around the world through sponsoring the Maltese lawyer’s football team participating in the Lawyers European Football Cup known as Eurolawyers to be held in Cilento Paestum, Italy between June 4th to June 9th.

The team of Malta lawyers under the name of La Vallette has participated in this tournament and its sister tournament the Mundiavocat since 1984.

This year 36 teams will play five games each in the tournament, with a Gala Dinner on 8th June. On 9th June, the Grande Finale and ceremony for the winning team will conclude the event. Dr Hyzler announced that the organizers have willingly accepted his proposal to dedicate the Trophy for best Player of the tournament to the memory of Dr Simon Tortell. Dr Tortell a former financial services lawyer and national team player had been the star player of the Malta team in many editions of the tournament and a winner of the award in the 1986 edition in Split. His nephew Dr Nicholas Micallef is set to continue his uncle’s legacy as he is now a prominent member of the team.

The event is a bi-annual football tournament for lawyers. The Mundiavocat organisation holds rotating global and regional events every year in both a World Cup and European Cup event. This year’s event is the Eurolawyers tournament. It is restricted to lawyers from countries within Europe. Previous events generated a considerable amount of work for Maltese lawyers. Indeed, several law firms in Malta started their network of international contacts in financial services through the Mundiavocat events held in the early 1980’s.

Dr. George Hyzler said, “We are grateful that FinanceMalta are once again assisting the Maltese team to take part in this prestigious event. We believe that with over 1000 fellow professionals concentrated into one event that there will be innumerable opportunities to network, share technical information about Malta’s onshore European Financial Centre, and to build ties that will create a positive image of the Islands as a business location.”

Eurolawyers presents an ideal opportunity for FinanceMalta as Exclusive Sponsor of the Malta Team to showcase Malta as a financial services jurisdiction since all participants in the event are practicing lawyers who often serve as gatekeepers to the financial services industry. Each team usually registers approximately 22 players who must all be lawyers. Each team includes other staff such as coaching and medical staff and other non-playing colleagues. So the total number of people attending this event adds up to over one thousand participants, all of whom are potential recipients of the FinanceMalta message.

The Maltese team has been training hard for the competition and hope to do well on the field of play and indirectly act as ambassadors for Malta’s financial services industry. The Maltese team will be travelling with collateral materials aimed at showcasing Malta’s attractiveness as a financial services jurisdiction, the new FinanceMalta Investment Guide & Business Directory which will be distributed to all participants at the tournament.

FinanceMalta’s Head of Business Development, Bruno L’Ecuyer said, “FinanceMalta is the brand champion of Malta’s international financial centre. The partnership between FinanceMalta and the Maltese team is rooted in shared values such as teamwork, integrity and the pursuit of excellence. We are proud to connect our brand with this event, and its passionate supporters, and particularly pleased that we are able to connect to the award being presented for Best Player in Dr. Tortell’s memory.  ‘Our relationship goes far beyond the goals scored by the Maltese team – this relationship is about connecting our industry, and our brand, with the European legal profession.”

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