Final preparations ahead of a lavish MFA AGM

Saturday, July 23, 2011, 9:36

by Sandro Micallef

Final preparations before the delegates enter the conference style set up seating

All is set for the first Annual General Meeting of the Dede era. The venue for this year’s AGM is the 5 star Westin Dragonara Hotel in St. Julians, surely a decision which will go well with the almost hundred an over delegates and council members that were used in the past to attend similar AGM’s at the Cenenary Hall.

Live Updates:

Norman Darmanin Demajo makes short introduction speech.

Bjorn Vassallo makes his speech and gets approval for the administrative annual report

Delegates and members shown video

Antoine Portelli addresses those present and explains MFA’s financial situation.

Electoral commission takes over the AGM for election of Executive members.

Chairman of Electoral Commission Joe Quattromani realizes that not all present had signed their attendance.

Situation under control – voting started.

Vote counting.

Results announced (see other story)

Amendments to MFA statute by GFA are approved

Closing speech by Norman Darmanin Demajo…. “We need to move out from the comfort zone”


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