Fina, win to share faultless lead

Friday, July 22, 2011, 18:00

With week two of the new MSV Life National League completed at the SuperBowl, of the ten top flight teams, only Fina and defending champions can boast a 100% win record after matching 0 – 8 victories against Malta Int. Airport and Turu’s Knights respectively. The remaining three Div I clashes all finished with similar 2 – 6 score lines, as Salitos got the better of Gladiators, HSBC won against Ramis, while Royal Shock beat The Clan to hold on to third place.

Fina are currently in the top spot, only ahead of thanks to their higher pinfall over two matches. They made short work of Malta Int. Airport in week two, starting off with an impressive 671 – 865 opener, and then doubling their advantage with another easy win in game two (684 – 824). The last of the series saw Fina’s pace drop a little, but they were still 32 better than their unlucky opponents, winning it 753 – 785 to complete the whitewash, and round off the team series of the week (2474). Justin Caruana Scicluna (Fina), 661, male bowler of the week. Alfred Pulis (MIA), 536. also won their match against Turu’s Knights with relative ease, making sure they held onto their joint lead, tied on sixteen with Fina. They took the early lead with a 691 – 816 win in the first, before a slightly closer second game, in which prevailed with a 784 – 841 score line. Turu’s Knights’ game dropped back to below the 700 mark in the third, which they lost 695 – 802 to hand all eight to the recently re-crowned champions. Neil Sullivan (, 649. Tiziana Carannante (Turu’s Knights), 549.

Royal Shock bagged the first in a trio of 6 – 2 results this week, to the detriment of fourth placed The Clan, the winners hanging onto third place with the result. It was the eventual losers who were first onto the scoreboard, as they won the first of the series 840 – 789. A game two equalizer for Royal Shock (717 – 746) made it two-all, with the match to play for in the deciding third game. Royal Shock won that 701 – 798, meaning that they took the series points with a 75 advantage (2258 – 2333). Pierre Yves Galea (Royal Shock), 618. James Vassallo (The Clan), 620.

Salitos improved to fifth place thanks to their own majority victory over Gladiators (9th). Salitos went two points up by taking the initial game 701 – 736, but it was soon all square after the Gladiators responded with a 777 – 693 game two equaliser, gaining the upper hand going into game three with the upper hand to the tune of 49 pins after two. Salitos then pulled their best effort of the evening out of the hat, taking the final leg 687 – 794 and so take the series by 58 pins (2165 – 2223). Andre Grech (Salitos), 539. Matthew Gingell Littlejohn, (Gladiators), 590.

                   HSBC were trailing by two pins after they lost 796 – 745 in the first game of their encounter with Ramis, who are yet to get a serious foothold on the new season. The bankers soon pulled it back to two a-piece however, by easily claiming the second game 667 – 777. HSBC went on to take the final game 768 – 808, claiming the series points by 99 pins (2231 – 2330). Brian Farrugia (HSBC), 638. Paul Baldacchino (Ramis), 582.

Bowlers of the Week:

Neil Sullivan (, 661

Sue Abela (Fina), 566

Standings – MSV Life National Division I, Week 2

Fina – 16, – 16, Royal Shock – 12, The Clan – 8, Salitos – 8, HSBC – 6, Turu’s Knights – 4, Malta Int. Airport – 4, Gladiators – 4, Ramis – 2

Standings – MSV Live National Division II, Week 3

J Grima & Co – 14, Supreme – 14, Atlas – 12, X S – 10, Spare Me Plz – 10, Blitzkrieg – 9, BOV – 8, Middlesea Insurance – 2, One 4 All – 1, Vintage – 0

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