Fina end six season drought to claim league title

Saturday, June 2, 2012, 14:20

Ramis stay second – down in third

As was fully expected after seventeen from a total of eighteen weeks, Fina’s final match in the MSV Life National League, saw them claim the championship, after a period in the Division I doldrums stretching back six whole seasons. They only needed two points from their clash with Malta International Airport, but took all eight in a final triumphant flurry. Ramis also claimed one last full point victory, against J Grima & Co, to make sure of second place, while last season’s champions had to be content with third place, after their 6 – 2 defeat at the hands of Turu’s Knights. St. James Hospital won 6 – 2 against The Clan, but could not escape relegation, while bottom side Supreme shared the match spoils with Rogantino’s in a 4 – 4 draw.

Brand new champions, Fina didn’t have to wait long before they could start celebrating their first MSV Life title since late 2008, as they picked up the two points they needed in their opening game against MIA, that ending 645 – 682. Even with the league safely in the bag, Fina refused to lay back, taking game two 787 – 817, before finally making it 0 – 8 with an still better win in game three, wish finished 759 – 834 to the champions.

The last MSV Life title picked by the Fina stars, was that of the Summer season that ran between July and December 2008, but since then, this once ‘unbeatable’ outfit has struggled in the shadows of the likes of more recent champions, and Ramis. Indeed, for much of this latest season, Fina were seen to be jostling for second place with Ramis, as seemed unshakeable in the top spot, and likely to hang on to the League title for a third consecutive season. The latter part of the second round saw changes at the top however, as began to lose some of their consistency, and were eventually edged out by both Fina and Ramis in the final four weeks. It was Fina who eventually came to the fore to claim their long awaited victory.

The Fina line-up has seen numerous changes over the years, and currently comprises; Sue Abela, Kenneth Arpa, Justin Caruana Scicluna, Mark Muscat and Danial Swift. They are a team with an illustrious league history, having won no fewer than 19 from the last 30 Division I campaigns. That statistic alone is surely an enviable one, but definitely, the jewel in the team’s crown has to be their record breaking run of an incredible thirteen back-to-back league victories, rolling off in the Summer season of 1997, and ending with ‘unlucky’ thirteen in December 2003.

MSV Life Division I Final Standings: Week 18

Fina – 116, Ramis – 109, – 101, Turu’s Knights – 94, Rogantino’s – 68, J Grima & Co – 62, The Clan – 52, M.I.A. – 47, St. James Hospital – 44, Supreme – 27

DIVISION II: Spare Me Plz have completed a successful Division II promotion campaign, and so will enjoy top flight competition when the new MSV Life National Leagues get underway in July. They finished first on 97 points, ahead of Gladiators (90 points) who are also promoted to Division I.

At the other end of the Division II standings, last place Kiwis are relegated to Division III, as are Middlesea Insurance, who finished just above in ninth place.

MSV Life Division II Final Standings: Week 18

Spare Me Plz – 97, Gladiators – 90, 4-Play – 83, Blitzkrieg – 80, HepO2 Acorn – 75, Bank of Valletta – 74, Vintage – 73, X S – 65, Middlesea Insurance – 56, Kiwis – 27

DIVISION III: On the up and heading out of Division III for Division II are Touch of Class, who took first place on 86, knocking their final week’s opponents One 4 All off the top spot with a 0 – 8 victory. One 4 All were also promoted in second place on 82 points.

MSV Life Division III Final Standings: Week 14

Touch of Class – 86, One 4 All – 82, Atlas Insurance – 72, BOV – 70, PinBetweeners – 56, Swingers – 50, The King’s Pins – 2, Misfits – 10

Anyone interested in joining the new MSV Life National Leagues, or forming their own team, should call the Eden SuperBowl on 237 10 777, or send an email to, for more details.

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