FIFA Futsal seminar for referees

Saturday, August 6, 2011, 21:03

As preparation for next season the MFA is organising a FIFA Futsal seminar for referees  to take place between 3 to 5 September at Corradino Pavillion. On agreement with the FIFA lecturer Mr Perry Gautier we came to a decision that  an important issue to be tackled is the coaches-referee relationship . In view of this I have the pleasure to inform you that the MFA is inviting all the coaches of the 1 and 2 division teams to attend for this specific session.

This particular lecture would be part of the FIFA referees seminar and is to be held on Saturday, 3 September 2011 between 0915hrs-1130 hrs. The lecturer is interested to know what topics the coaches want to discuss with regards to their relationship with referees.  Ex:  What are the points of discussion during  the matches between coaches and referees? Interpratation of the Laws of the game? Uniformity in referees decisions?

 Summarising this: what are the points the coaches want to discuss to improve the coaches-referees relationship? So please feel free to forward me your important feedback  in this regard  so that in turn I can immediately inform the lecturer (you can forward me such feedback on email address: ).

Whilst thanking in you in advance for your cooperation, I am sure that this will  be a very useful experience to all involved, as from past experience I can assure everyone that  Mr Perry Gautier prepares and delivers his lectures in a very professional and interesting way.

On a final note on behalf of Mr Gjergji Bitri and Stephen Mallia, who from the fortcoming season will be managing the refereeing sector of futsal under the guidance of the Director of Refereeing, Mr Adrian D Casha, will give all our  disponibility with all stakeholders involved for the positive evolvement of the futsal game we all love.

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