FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Ravenna

Thursday, November 17, 2011, 19:28

Two officials from Beach Soccer Malta, Mark Marlow and Jeffrey Saliba, experienced the dream of their life time as they visited Marina di Ravenna in Italy and watched the FIFA Beach soccer World Cup.  This manifestation is organised by FIFA every two years.  This year it was held between the first and the eleventh of September.

Mark and Jeffrey were given a warm welcome by the FIFA officials.  Everything was prepared to the minimal detail for an event that is free of charge for the general public.  Many supporters from different nations were packing up and preparing the most grotesque clothes and instruments to make it a breathtaking atmosphere and support their own teams.

The two Maltese officials were the guests of FIFA organisers for a ground tour on Wednesday 7th in the afternoon.  They could notice a well-planned structure and first class facilities.  The pitch had a capacity of 3,500 people, with elevated seating.  They had meetings with Marco Schueepp, who forms part of the FIFA beach soccer committee, Gabino Renales, Joan Cusco and Jamie Jarza who are the main organisers of FIFA beach soccer activities.  The meetings mainly focused on the development of beach soccer in the Maltese islands and the future set up of a national team.

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