FIFA Assistant Referee Philip Agius honoured

Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 20:12

by Louis Micallef.

Photo by JM Chappelle/FotoAquilina/MFA

Photo by JM Chappelle/FotoAquilina/MFA

During last Thursday’s Malta FA’s Council Meeting held at the Conference Hall of the Centenary Stadium, Ta’ Qali,  MFA President Mr. Norman Darmanin  Demajo presented a memento in the form of a banner* to outgoing FIFA Assistant Referee Philip Agius in appreciation for his international career.

Philip Agius was born in 1965. He became a referee in November 1991. He was promoted to Class One in September 1996 and appointed to the FIFA List of International Assistant Referees in January 1997.  In his 13-year career on the FIFA List, he was appointed to act as Assistant Referee in various tournaments and international matches in both FIFA and UEFA competitions.

In 1999 Mr. Agius was one of the FIFA-appointed Assistant Referees in the Meridien Cup held in South Africa.  In 2000 he was appointed in the UEFA Under-18 Championships in Germany; and in 2001 in the UEFA Under-21 Championships in Switzerland.

The banner reads: With many thanks to Philip Agius - International Assistant Referee 1997 - 2010

The banner reads: With many thanks to Philip Agius - International Assistant Referee 1997 - 2010

In 2001 Mr. Agius was also appointed as Assistant Referee in five Champions League matches: Nantes vs. Bayern Munich, Bayern Leverkusen vs. Red Star Belgrade, and Valencia vs. Basle with Italian Referees Pier Luigi Collina, Domenico Messina and Cosimo Bolognino respectively; PSV Eindoven vs. Galatasary with Mejuto Gonzalez of Spain; and Manchester United vs. Olimpiakos with Vitor Perrera of Portugal.

 Mr. Agius was appointed in various Friendly “A” matches notably Italy vs. Portugal, Italy vs United States of America, and Turkey vs. Ukraine. He was also appointed in various World Cup and EURO Championship Preliminary matches; of particular mention is the Balkan derby in the EURO 2008 Competition between Croatia vs. Slovenia. Locally, Mr. Agius acted as Assistant Referee in more than 500 Premier League matches. He retired as FIFA Assistant Referee on 31 December 2010, due to the 45 years age limit. Though Mr. Agius is no longer on the FIFA List, he will still continue to give service to the Malta Football Association as Assistant Referee.


  1. rodney ciantar (valletta) says:

    Haqqu unur iehor….Ta kemm igieghel lin-nies jidghu


  2. cikku poplu says:

    vivva goal li hasartilna sur philip aguis fil-lobgha deciziva season iehor kontra bkara 1-0 li switilna kampjonat!!!

    beltin ma ahna ser ninsew qadt!!


  3. CLINTON says:

    tajdli xejn kemm hu tajjeb dan il linesmane iktar maghna aqta kemm hu tajjeb jistenna ir referee isafar umbat jolija jaghmel il hajja ta referee ghat telgha

    mux ta xejn inkantawilu ahna il beltin oooo philip il m……. philip m………… philip il m…………………………………………………….. hadt ferha ghalxejn hsibtu ghanka min malta spicca ara tirefjax il bundesliga haaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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