Fair Result in Balanced Game

Monday, November 5, 2012, 17:24
APS Bank Under 17 Section B
Zebbug R   1       Zejtun   1
A draw was a fair result in this game as both sides had their very good moments by creating many actions.Following this game Zebbug are on 5 points from 5 games while Zejtun are on 6 points also from 5 games.
Zebbug applied the early pressure. Daniel Farrugia served Shawn Mizzi with a square pass but he drove over the bar from outside the area. Wayne Camilleri released Philip Grech in the area and Zejtun keeper Miguel Mercieca foiled him with a timely sortie and Mizzi then served Michael Bonnici in the area and Mercieca foiled him by diving at his feet to smother the ball.
In a reaction by Zejtun Jamie Mifsud served Jamie Vella with a through ball in the area and Zebbug keeper Clayton Pace denied him with a perfect timely sortie, while at the other end, Wayne Camilleri served Bonnici with a through ball but he missed the upright from outside the area. 
Neil Tabone was then fouled on the right flank and after Ryan Zahra served Luca Desira with a short free kick pass the ball missed the bar by inches from his shot from the right edge of the area with Pace beaten who later saved a shot by the same player after he was put through on the right flank by Yanes Bonnett.
In the 33rd minute Zejtun opened the score when Tabone released Mifsud in the area and he scored with a hard low drive, but their joy was short-lived as a minute later Zebbug equalised when a one-two between Bonnici and Wayne Camilleri on the left flank finished with the latter scoring with a hard grounder from the left edge of the area.
Zejtun created the last action before the break when from a flag kick by Ayrton Dimech, Mifsud headed out.
In the first action after the restart by Zejtun, Zahra dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and Pace neutralised the ball from his cross-shot.
In the 51st minute Zebbug were denied by the wood work. Philip Camilleri was fouled on the right flank, Alex Zammit served Mizzi with a short pass from the free kick and the ball hit the base of the upright from his shot and finished out of play.
Zejtun then won a free kick when Mizzi handled the ball outside the area and from the free kick shot by Zahra, Pace brought the house down with a fine save as he tipped the ball over the bar to a corner, and in another action by Zejtun, Zahra served Substitute Leayn Tedesco with a through ball outside the area and Pace had to come out of his charge to kick the ball away to safety.
The last two actions before the end were both created by Zejtun. Substitute Lydon Barbara released Tabone in the area but he drove out from a very ideal position and Zahra served Mifsud with a perfect through ball in the area and Pace foiled him from further progression as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball.
Referee; Daniel Farrugia                    Player of the match:Yanes Bonnett (Zejtun)

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