Exiles stun San Giljan as Neptunes humiliate Sliema

Sunday, August 21, 2011, 10:07

3CX Exiles chalked up another win against San Ġiljan Giuseppe’s as they hope to somehow make it to the playoffs. These hopes were looking very remote as San Giljan left little to their opponents, rushing to a 6-1 lead by the beginning of the second session, with Dean Camilleri playing a blinder in goal. But Caruana Dingli’s side took advantage of the complacency that crept into the team from across the bay, and by half time the score was minimally 6-5 in San Giljan’s favour.

Marco Cuk scoring one of his four goals

Marco Cuk scoring one of his four goals

Exiles kept the pressure on in the third session, and with San Giljan failing to find the net, they scored 4 goals in succession to make it 9-6 in their favour with only the last session to go. While San Giljan fought to avoid defeat, Exiles had no intention of letting go of the jugular as they went 11-7 ahead, with Borg Cole frustrating his opponents with some fine saves and Cuk taking care of making the damage at the other end. The final session ended 3-3 amongst various protests aimed at the pair of referees.

San Ġiljan 9 – Exiles 12
(4-0, 2-5, 0-4, 3-3)

San Ġiljan: D. Camilleri, J.C. Cutajar, N. Sutic 2, K. Galea, F. Trajkovic 2, K. Dowling, L. Grixti, A. Bianchi 1, M. Borg Spiteri, C. Gialanze 2, P. Fava 2, A. Galea, K. Schembri.

Exiles: A. Borg Cole, J. Rizzo Naudi 2, K. Rizzo Naudi, D. Pace Lupi, T. Sullivan 2, M. Calleja 1, M. Cuk 4, K. Grixti, A. Zarb Cousin, A. Cousin 2, N. Portelli, D. Spiteri, K. Lanzon 1.

Refs: M. Angilleri, D. Di Martire.

In yesterday’s First Division match much more was expected between two sides who traditionally tend to take their games to the wire: Sliema Mc Donalds and Neptunes Emirates. But this encounter was anything but balances, with Neptunes showing all their prowess in attack and solid defending, while Sliema could not close the gaps in defence and also missed a number of man-up opportunities to seal off a miserable performance for them.

Neptunes' Vladimir Gojkovic being defended by John Soler

Neptunes' Vladimir Gojkovic being defended by John Soler

Sliema were once again without their two centre players, Privitera and Gabaretta, while Neptunes were missing the services of the injured Edward Aquilina. The Reds opened the score through Michele Stellini, who then piled on a second, with Meli making it 2-1. Vladimir Gojkovic and Steve Camilleri made it 4-1 by the end of the first session. The second session proved lethal for Sliema as they lost it 8-3 due to various defending blunders which allowed Niki Lanzon and Co to widen the gap and convince a number of Blues fans to leave the National Pool.

Afric’s pep talk at half time seemed to contain some of the damage in the last two sessions but Neptunes never let go and forged 15-5 ahead, with Rath seeing his penalty saved by Bugeja, adding to the tension between the Blues’ players. In the final minutes Markoch changed the entire team, giving space to his youngsters to enjoy the last few minutes of play as Sliema resigned themselves, hoping for a better performance in the playoffs.

Sliema 9Neptunes 18
(1-4, 3-8, 1-3, 4-3)

Sliema: R. Coleiro, N. Bonello Ghio, N. Lubrano, R. Fodor 3, M. Meli 2, J. Soler 2, D. Paolella 1, M. Spiteri Staines, C. Debono, M. Rizzo, B. Rath 1.

Neptunes: I. Bugeja, N. Lanzon 3, B. Lanzon, M. Stellini 3, J. Camilleri, Z. Mizzi, S. Camilleri 3, V. Gojkovic 5, K. Debattista, S. Gravina, R. Sciortino, T. Molnar 3, M. Pisani 1.

Refs: M. Dalli, D. Di Martire.

Marsascala 14 – Otters 16
(4-2, 3-6, 4-3, 3-5)

Marsascala : S. Farrugia, C. Spiteri de Barro 1, M. Pace, Mil. Koralji 4, D. Caruana, E. Arrigo, J. Licari 3, J. Cremona 1, S. Micallef 1, R. Scerri 2, D. Cassar, A. Zammit 1, Mih. Koralji 1.

Otters : J. Cremona, G. Attard 2, G. Zammit 2, Z. Radocz 3, D. Schembri 2, K. Scicluna, M. Balatoni 5, S. Dimech, S. Xerri, E. Farrugia, C. Martin, P. Martin, K. Grima Scott 2.

Refs: R. Spiteri, P. Giordano.

Ta’ Xbiex 9 – Valletta 14
(4-1, 3-5, 1-5, 1-3)

Ta’ Xbiex: L. Borg, M. Paris, S. Vassallo, C. Cluett 1, J.C. Decelis, B. Muscat, T. Gyrovath 1, E. Bonello 1, M. Cordina 1, C. Saliba 1, M. Spiteri, Y. Szeles 4.

Valletta: A. Sammut, M. Asciak, A. Di Somma 4, M. Camilleri 1, R. Munkacsy 3, S. Cachia, A. Galea 2, K. Hyzler, T. Agius 3, J.C. Farrugia, A. Arrigo, G. Ghirxi 1.

Refs: A. De Raffaele, S. Licari.


  1. Neptunes says:

    well done neptunes. you showed great teamwork and passion for the game. Sliema proved to everyone what a complete disgrace its was to be supporting them.


    aru_kasa Reply:

    Don’t count sliema out. maestro Afric seems to have found the problems. Having chosen Fodor in lieu of Rath and the other hungarian, the introduction of a foreign keeper (instead of the much blamed Coleiro), plus the return of Privitera. Sliema are back to winning ways. Gabaretta should be coming over for the play offs. Lets wait and see what excuse Afric will find, if they don’t get to the finals


  2. OnlyRed says:

    Gojkovic santo subito … He showed leadership just like Vujasinovic against a Sliema defence that was inexistent. Clint’s yelling at Rath was the cherry on the cake. Keep going Reds and don’t grow overconfident after the biggest drubbing that Sliema ever received in their history.


    Polo Reply:

    Uwijja cherry on the cake .. Ghax you beatt alot of times in one season ! How many times have we donee this to you .. and my friend wait till the league is overuntil you post ax you could have beatin us 50-9 its the end that counts soo waaitt !


    san pawl Reply:

    dont worry polo, we r just getting started ;) we r only gonna beat you 3 more times ta , not much ;) try not to get your hopes up cause u will end up disappointed im sure :)  


  3. Misthija says:

    How can a glorious team like sliema stoop so low? One of their top players’ father left at half time u sewwa ghamel. The foreigners were hopeless with Rath more interested in talking and arguing… Was this guy an Italian international????


  4. aaron says:

    iridu ja……xu wied il-ghjan lil min iridu jbellaw ir- ross bil-labra ?


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