Exiles no match for leaders Sliema in second half

Thursday, August 2, 2012, 12:55

Exiles Ferretti 5 – Sliema McDonalds 13
(2-3,1-1, 1-5, 1-4)

Sliema are back alone at the top of the standings, with their third comfortable victory over Exiles this season. It was tight at first, even though the Blues had a double lead in the first period. Exiles cut down on their deficit, and also drew level at the start of the next session. Sliema eked out a lead by the interval, on the odd goal in seven.

The second part of the match was a different story, with Sliema pulling away with a four goal run, before Exiles could notch their next goal, but a Mark Meli lob had the Blues 9-4 in front when the last session began. Sliema kept on increasing their advantage, with Exiles’ reply coming from a second Aljosa Kunac penalty.

There was very marked difference in the man ups. Exiles were completely shut out, and missed all of their ten expulsions, with Istvan Gergely denying them time and time again. On the other hand Sliema were perfect, converting all of their five man ups, including a last second one from Paul Privitera.

Kunac’s two penalties for Exiles made him their best scorer, whilst the Blues had John Soler and Jerome Gabarretta each with a hat trick of goals.

The only change in both sides’ team list came from the inclusion of Christian Cluett for Sliema, instead of Michael Rizzo.

Exiles: A. Borg Cole, J. Rizzo Naudi , K. Rizzo Naudi, D. Pace Lupi , T. Sullivan , S. Vassallo, J. Spiteri Staines 1, K. Griscti, S. Galea Pace, P. Borg 1, A. Kunac 2, M. Toth 1, K. Lanzon

Sliema: I. Gergely, J. Gabarretta 3, N. Lubrano, P. Privitera 2, M. Meli 1, J. Soler 3, D. Paolella, J. Brownrigg 1, C. Debono , F. Salamon 2, C. Cluett 1, M. Spiteri Staines , R. Coleiro

Referees: M. Dalli, F. Ricciotti

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