Exclusive: MVA given important award, clubs and media not informed

Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 11:10

by Sandro Micallef

Sources close to this portal have informed us that the Malta Volleyball Association has been given an award by the President of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) on the occasion of the Association’s 25th anniversary since its affiliation with the FIVB. This presentation took place during the 32nd FIVB World Congress held in Rome on the 9th and 10th September and was received by MVA president Branislav Vlahovic.

FIVB president Jizhong Wei (left) presenting the award to MVA President Branislav Vlahovic

This news has also been confirmed by this website through a source in the CEV (the European Volleyball Federation) and other foreign sources. This award of recognition is a testimonial to a string of MVA Presidents, which includes Mark Vassallo who founded the local association in 1973, together with a large number of council members, helpers and clubs who have carried volleyball forward over all these years.

Interestingly, such an important milestone for the local Association was not officially communicated to the media. As far as this portal is informed, the local clubs were not informed.

FIVB President Jizhong Wei addressed the Congress, and in his opening speech stressed the importance of having more democracy and transparency in the governance of the FIVB. He said that “Power is to be seen only as a tool for sharing a collective responsibility, this is not meant to generate or foster any personal authority”.

The finances of the FIVB were also presented during the first day of the congress and honours were given to those volleyball associations, including Malta, that celebrated 25 years of affiliation with the FIVB and also those who reached the 50 year mark.

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  1. MILOSEVIC says:

    MVA President. ONE MAN ONE UNIT. First of all congratulations to every local involved in volleyball, 25 years in fivb is a moment to celebrate and not to Be shamefull of as Mr President Branco Vlahovic did. Why clubs werent informed about this? In my opinion clubs have to wake up, propose an EGM and ask for all these secrets an others like when Mr Vlahovic contested an election in KMS, or about MVA accounts of the previous season, or how President coaches all the national teams. Mr Vlahovic we live in Malta not in Serbia where Milosevic dictate and the people suffer


  2. stephen farrugia says:

    from an old paper cutting. 20 volleyball clubs of season 1973 \74, Atlanta SC,Aires,Agostine Oratory,Banks SC,CelicRovers SC, Cospicua DynamosVT, Din L-Art Helwa, D ML united,Exiles SC, Gzira YC, Ground Hogs,Luxol SC,Longines SC, MCAST,Olympians SC,Signets,Stella maris collage,St aloysius collage, st Edwards ,Collage, Ta Xbiex.
    season 2008\2009 6 clubs, seaon 2010\2011. 14 clubs.
    general interest , steve flyers


  3. ex-vol says:

    hmmm…maybe the MVA did not want to make it known that they had money for the flights and the accomodation and the what not to have to attend to this important Anniversary in ROME!!! Surely it will feature as part of the leisure finances which will be dealt with in the financial reports, possibly to be given to the clubs, if ever included.. Maybe we should also get an idea of who the persons were who attended and the amount of money spent on such an ‘occasion’………


  4. Castrol says:

    Iz-zejt jitla f’wicc l-ilma u kulhadd isir jaf il-verita.


  5. Martin Bajada says:

    It’s a pity that associations in Malta do not give importance to communicating these things. At least we can bank on a few journalists who do their job and bring the facts to light.

    Prosit Sandro keep up the work on this site


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