Exclusive – Malta’s Manchester City academy player James Paris is out of Manchester

Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 6:00

by Gordon Attard (MalteseFootballstarlets.com)

It has been confirmed that the ex-Pieta talented winger James Paris will seek other pastures as he will not be offered a new contract with the Sky Blues. The 3 year journey of the Maltese Football Starlet is coming to an end with positive views. With Manchester City’s revolution in the last couple of years with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan rich owner buying the club stakes, Manchester City are investing in top players around the globe.

With their highly acclaimed Manchester City Academy that saw many known graduate players like Micah Richards & Shaun Wright-Philips coming out, they have more than half of their Academy youth players from outside UK. The creme de la creme of most talented youths in the world are developing in Manchester with a view to play in the senior squad as soon as in next season. James Paris is glad to see himself developing among these world future stars in football and this is one of the positives that the Maltese player experienced.

James Paris together with his agent Jon Motorshead is already working on his next move that could be named in the coming months. In fact 2 Italian clubs, 2 German clubs, 1 English Premier League club and another Icelandic club have already asked for the Maltese hot prospect services. Paris is keen to discuss with these clubs and others in the coming days as he will not rush his next important move in his football career.


  1. John says:

    It is very satisfying to see a maltese player making a career of something he enjoys doing. Unfotunately this country only focuses on school and studying and never really focuses on the dreams of the youth. I want to see Paris playing on the TV one day and tell my children that although sports is highly repressed and ignored in this country there are still some who make a career out of sports.


  2. xmn says:

    Well done Paris !!! Im sure he will find a top class team !! keep it up mate !!!


  3. 8ball says:

    im sure paris will find a club that suits him, he is a great player with a lot of determination! good luck paris!


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