Exclusive: Joe Mifsud makes surprise appearance at MFA’s Council meeting

Tuesday, November 9, 2010, 19:43

by Sandro Micallef

Former MFA President Dr. Joe Mifsud has made a surprise comeback at the Centenary Hall in Ta`Qali just under three months after his hefty Presidential election defeat to Norman Darmanin Demajo. 

Dr. Mifsud was seen walking around the Centenary Hall and just before 19:00hrs he stepped in the Centenary Hall to attend the scheduled MFA’s council meeting which was called as per MFA regulations for all member Clubs, member associations and observers.

This website can confirm that the new MFA administration has invited Dr. Mifsud to be participant in the MFA’s monthly Council meetings as observer in his capacity as ex MFA President and as an MFA honorary President a role that was offered by the newly elected administration in the first council meeting of the new legislature.

Sportinmalta.com was present at this MFA’s council meeting and witnessed the entry of Dr.Mifsud in the Centenary Hall. Upon his entry Dr. Mifsud went straight on to the side of the top table to sign next to his name on the council member’s printed list. He then sat on the first row just next to the door and listen attentively to Norman Darmanin Demajo’s introduction and the reading of correspondence.

Dr.Mifsud could not do any interventions due to the fact that he has only an observer role.


  1. bellomalta says:

    ghaliex ma setax jitkellem joe mifsud mela jibza minnhom ?


    mark Reply:

    mela ma qrajtx lahhar linja siehbi….


    Anthony Arpa Reply:

    Bello ir regolamnti jajdu li Dr Mifsud kien mistiden bhall observer.Dan ghandu jirringrazja l-Alla li kien mistieden.
    Jekk ma tafx Bello kien istess Dr Mifsud li bil bl-insistenza tijaw u anki bill casting vote tijaw kien cahhad li Sur N Darmanin Demajo illum il president ta MFA milli jirritorna lura fl-MFA.
    Li kont jien flok Dr Mifsud zgur li ma kontx naccetta l istedina mill MFA u mill istess il-President Norman Darmanin Demajo….


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