Exclusive interview with Andre’ Schembri

Thursday, April 8, 2010, 6:30

Full name: André Schembri
Date of birth: May 27, 1986 (age 23)
Place of birth: Pietà, Malta
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Playing position: Attacking Midfielder
Current club: Ferencvárosi TC (Hungary)

1. Hi Andre, how are you at the moment? Is Hungary treating you well?

Hi, all is good thank you. Hungary is a lovely country and I feel that I have settled in well here.

2. Having scored two goals against Hungary in that most famous win in 2006 made you a hero in Malta but in Hungary I am sure they see it quite differently – do they refer to that match quite often?

Yes they do! In fact when I joined Ferencvaros the media made a big fuss about Malta’s victory and of course my goals. Fans often mention Malta’s win against Hungary. One time a taxi driver recognised me and said ”Hey you’re the guy who scored two goals against us”

3. Ferencvaros is a renowned team in Hungary and not too long ago a Maltese player being recruited with such a team would have been quite a big deal – how do you see your enrollment with such a club in today’s struggling team which is now looking at a bright future?

Ferencvaros has a history of success and of producing football legends such as Albert Florian, Zoltan Gera & many others. It has just been promoted to the first league and I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity to play with such a prestigious club. My main aim is to help Ferencvaros improve their position in the league table and hopefully reach the finals of the league cup.

4. Have you accustomed yourself to your new team mates and does it help to have another Maltese international with you on board?

Yes I feel that I got used to my new team mates who by the way come from different countries. I enjoy the multicultural environment and therefore get on well with everyone. Justin Haber has been of great help thus making it easier for me to settle in. We have been good friends for a very long time and therefore I feel at home with him!

5. Goulash – do you like it?

Sorry I haven’t tried it yet!

6. Stadion Albert Flórián in Budapest albeit small for Hungary is quite majestic and full of history – can you describe it for us? How is the atmosphere on match day?

The stadium has a seating capacity of 18,100 and the atmosphere they create on match days is amazing especially in a Derby game. They never stop supporting us during the game.

7. Can you dedicate a few words about the Fradi loyal fans and ultras…

The Fradi fans and ultras are great they create such a lively atmosphere which is an encouragement for us players. Besides having a passion for football they adore the club and in fact a loss is never accepted!

8. Does it help to have an English Coach and English Technical Staff?

Definitely. Communication with the coach and technical staff is essential for a player therefore it has been of an advantage to me.

9. Do you feel you have improved yourself attacking-wise or are you focusing now on your new midfield role?

In my career I have been playing either as midfielder or in an attacking role. With Hibernians F.C I was playing as a midfielder, Marsaxlokk F.C and Eintracht Braunschweig as a striker, Carl Zeiss Jena in a right wing position and with Sk Austria Karnten as a midfielder again. On one hand this has prevented me from improving in a particular position however on the other hand it has been of an advantage because it has made me versatile as a player. With Ferencvaros, the team manager Mr. Craig Short, wants me to play behind the strikers or as a second striker however due to game tactics I sometimes have to play as a right midfielder.

10. How do you rate your performance in the matches against Haladas and Ujpest?

Prior to the Haladas and Ujpest matches I believe that my performance was quite good in fact I was awarded the man of the match in the game against Paks F.C . Regarding the Haladas game my performance improved in the second half but unfortunately against Ujpest where I played in a different position I felt that I didn’t perform well enough.

11. What happened to your old club?

My previous club SK Austria Karnten is suffering from financial problems. Unfortunately the situation is so critical that if there are no investments, SK Austria Karnten might not be able to continue competing in the Austrian league.

12. For how long is your stay at Fradi?

My contract expires at the end of this season.

13. Have you contacted John Buttigieg the Maltese national team coach since your last omission?

Yes we have been in contact with each other by e-mail.

14. We really hope you still want to play for Malta!

Definitely! I am a very proud Malteser and I feel honoured to play for the national team. There are times in my career where I have to prioritise and unfortunately this might mean that the club would come before the national team. However rest assured that I have always and will always give my utmost for the Maltese national team.

15. What are your views about Sportinmalta.com?

I only found out about sportinmalta.com recently. The site is user friendly and kept well up to date. Well Done!

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  1. ferencvarosi says:

    Andre is a fantastic player!

    Yesterday he scored three goals against VASAS which is an old traditional hungarian football club, and helped his team Ferencvaros to win the match.

    Absolute brilliant player, and I hope his carrier will continue in the malteser nation team
    Good luck Andre!


  2. Joshua Cacciattolo says:

    l-ewwel haga Sandro proset ghax site fija minn kollox. Andre kulhadd jaf li int ftit ta snin ilu kont wiehed mil-”babies” ta Victor Sciriha tikunsidra tinghaqad ma Valletta peress li fil-passat laghabt ma Marsaxlokk?


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