Excellent turnout for Marsa Squash Section ‘Mini-Squash’ Open Day

Friday, March 25, 2011, 11:47

The Marsa Squash Section recently held a ‘Mini-squash’ Open day for children aged 7-13 years. The turnout was very good with 23 juniors turning up to try their hand at the various skills involved in playing squash.

Marsa coach Paul Lake, responsible for the organisation and running of the Mini-squash programme at Marsa, explained that ‘Mini-squash’ is the correct way for children to learn and develop all the necessary coordination skills required to play racket sports at a later stage. The methods used revolve around the ‘A – B – Cs’ of sport (Agility – Balance – Coordination). After the ‘A-B-C’ sessions, the children then move on to squash-specific exercises. At Marsa we have a ‘1 coach per court’ approach, maintaining maximum supervision at all times. The children respond very well to the ‘Mini-squash’ programme and it’s great to see them improving all the time. Children that do not develop the correct coordination skills, and move on too early to racket and ball exercises, usually fail to develop certain aspects of the correct coordination required later for the more detailed racket skills. ‘Mini-squash’ has been developed by a large number of professional squash coaches and experts in various fields over the past years and has successfully been introduced to most of the leading squash countries worldwide.”

Squash section Chairman Mr Charles Cuschieri was pleased with the turnout and the continued progress of the ‘Mini-squash’ programme at Marsa. Mr Cuschieri: “over the last 6 months we have seen a steady increase in juniors attending the section’s junior squash programme. Thanks to the excellent organisation and the efforts of all the coaches involved the standard of the juniors is getter better all the time. With Kimberley Cauchi we now have a second junior taking part in European ranking tournaments and I am confident that, with Paul’s guidance, very soon we will see more juniors from the Marsa programme joining Kimberley and Colette on the European circuit.”

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