Excellent start for Malta built boats

Friday, November 11, 2011, 10:48

by Wilfred Sultana

Following yesterday’s first day of the 31st Key West World Championship being staged at Key West Florida in the United States, Malta built boats Ukrainian Spirit and Seagull are both featuring in 2nd place of their respective Class.

Ukrainian Viktor Shemchuk, owner of both boats, is throttle of Ukrainian Spirit which has Aaron Ciantar as driver.  They are featuring in the ‘Manufacturer Production 1 Class’ and after the first day of racing the top three classified are:

1. Cleveland Construction (P1-29) 250 pts; 2. Ukrainian Spirit (P1-55) 225pts; 3. Peters & May Racing (P1-26) 202.50pts.

Seagull with an all Ukrainian crew made up of Oleksiy Chendekov (pilot), Andriy Lysenko (throttle) and Dmytro Gerasymenko (navigator/spare pilot) is featuring in the ‘Manufacturer Production 3 Class’ and after Day 1 of racing the top three classified are:

1. Watch Your Back (P3-4) 250 pts; 2. Seagull (P3-43) 225 pts; 3. Pump It (P3-31) 202.50 pts.

Three more races are scheduled for tomorrow Friday with the final three reserved for Sunday.

Super Boat racing in the United States is sanctioned by the Super Boat International Productions, Inc.

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