European Kickboxing title for Terence Cilia

Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 23:33

Lately the Sports scene in Malta saw an increase in activities that involved Martial Arts, especially regarding the discipline of Kickboxing. In May the Maltese Kickboxing Association (MKBA) organised its 8th National Kickboxing Championship in which Malta also won a European Title thanks to Terence Cilia.

 Together with the 7 matches for the National Kickboxing Titles there was an extra one for the World Kickboxing Network’s (WKN) European Title in the Light Middle Weight category. In this particular contest Terence Cilia, member of the Ying Yang Kickboxing, won versus Stuart Jess, Kicboxing Champion from Northern Ireland, in a four round match.

Jess trains with Pro Kick Kickboxing Club in Northern Ireland, where last March Daniel Zahra, also a member of Ying Yang Kickboxing, won himself another WKN match. Cilia and Jess weighed themselves six hours before the match and both of them tipped the scale at almost 70kg, the required weight for the category. The kickboxers competed with no leg protection and applied the K1 rules where knee techniques were allowed.

Noel Mercieca and Terence Cilia posing after the combat match

In the first round Cilia and Jess started landing big shots on each other without any rest. In the second and the third round it was Cilia that took the initiative of attack and started getting much more points and hitting the Irish competitor repetitively on the legs. Even though Jess managed to make contact, he ended up bleeding from the nose. After the competition’s doctor confirmed that it was safe for Jess to continue both kickboxers went for the fourth round. It was in this final two minutes that the athletes gave every ounce of energy left in order to ensure the victory. But in the end it was an unanimous decision that gave the WKN European Title to Cilia by points.

Cilia has been training with Master Noel Mercieca, founder of the Ying Yang Club, for the past 11 years. Cilia has a 3rd Dan Black Belt and since he started his Kickboxing carrier he won various Titles on International and Local level. In 2008 he even won a Boxing match versus a British Boxer.

Other Ying Yang members that won a Title in this National Championship were: Nicholas Ellul (Cruiser Weight), Ruth Tanti (Feather Weight), Kyle Stone (Middle Weight), Lucienne Rosso (Super Heavy Weight). All the kickboxers that participated in the competition had to wear the whole protective equipment.

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