European Judo Union Medical Seminar being held in Malta

Thursday, October 3, 2013, 11:58

The Malta Judo Federation is hosting the 16th European Judo Union Medical Seminar. This will be the 13th time this seminar will be in Malta, but the first time the Medical Seminar will be organised separately. Until now, the Seminar has been organised together with the Education Seminar and /or the Administration Seminar.

25 delegates from 17 countries will be participating at the most attended EJU Medical Seminar since its inception. This seminar in not only meant to give the latest information, but also to receive feedback from the top team doctors of the European Federations to make Judo activities even better.

Dr Malinen, member of the EJU Medical Commission, will give the first lectures covering proposed updates for the next WADA code, and also dangers of nutritional supplements which could lead to Antidoping Rule Violations (ADRV). Dr Jung and Dr Lino, members of the EJU Medical Commission,will then tackle the subject of hydration and weight control. Was the recent change in rule moving weigh in to the day before a healthier choice for the athletes? Other subjects which will be presented by members of the Commission and doctors from various federations will include prevention of injuries and also new ideas from the sports medicine field with the help of new technologies.


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