Esther Azzopardi in Portugal for the Algarve Cup’s 20th Edition

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 13:10

FIFA Referee Esther Azzopardi Farrugia at present is in Portugal participating in the 20th edition of the Algarve Cup, an annual invitational women’s football tournament hosted by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) between the 06th and 13th instant, after first having attended a FIFA Workshop from the 01st to the 04th.


Esther is one of only 7 referees chosen from Europe, and one of 14 referees from the whole world at the Algarve Cup – the 3rd most prestigious competition after the World Cup and the Olympic Games.


The match officials chosen for the Algarve Cup are normally the ones earmarked for a major championship, such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

On the 6th and 8th instant, she was appointed as 4th official for the matches Portugal vs Wales and China vs United States, respectively.

Background Information

The twelve invited teams taking part in the Algarve Cup are divided into three groups, and play in a round-robin tournament format within each group.

Group A (Germany, Denmark, Japan, Norway) and Group B (China PR, Iceland, Sweden, United States) contain the strongest ranked teams, and are the only ones in contention to win the title.  The group A and B winners contest the final to win the Algarve Cup; the runners-up play for third place, and those that finish the group in third position play for fifth place.

The teams in Group C (Portugal, Mexico, Wales, Hungary) play for places 7 to12.  The winner of Group C plays the team that finishes fourth in Group A or B (whichever has the better record) for seventh place. The Group C runner-up plays the team who finishes last in Group A or B (with the worse record) for ninth place. The third and fourth-placed teams in Group C shall play for the eleventh place.



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