Enduro Podium in Sicily – Trials in Naxxar

Monday, April 21, 2014, 20:10

It was a very busy Motorsport weekend for ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ motorsport members both locally and in Sicily. Autocross Finals were organised on Saturday afternoon at Ta Qali M.Sport complex. The Trials boys were battling all kinds of natural obstacles and difficult terrain at the hard rock cutting quarry in Naxxar while two Enduro riders were challenging Sicilian terrain in an FMI competition.


Last Saturday afternoon of the 12th April ASMK held the pending Final A & B races which were postponed in December so the Demolition race in aid of MCCF starts on time.


Class ‘A’ finalists were Vince Farrugia on a Volkswagen Polo, Matthew Borg on a Vauxhall Nova, Malcom Borg on an Opel Corsa, Melo Zammit on a  Ford Escort, Philip Joe Vella driving a Vauxhall Nova and Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo. Farrugia who made a good launch together with Zammit and Borg took the lead of the race to the chequered flag. Though overtaking was limited yet this was a fast interesting race to watch. Farrugia took some lead ahead of Zammit and Vella while earlier in the race, Borg and Galea retired due to mechanical failure of their racers.


Class B finalists Andrew Pisani on a Vauxhall Nova, Kurt Sammut on a Ford Ka, Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta, Josef Abela on a Vauxhall Nova, Lennie Cortis on a Fiat Uno and Gordon Johnson on his Peugeot 205. As the race started Abela, Grech and Johnson took the lead but after a lap Johnson bet Abela and Grech. He held this position to the Finish Flag with some good lead and impressive handling of his Peugeot 205 mainly in the corners. Abela held his 2nd position ahead of Grech and  Pisani won 4th in Class. Sammut and Cortis were non-starters in the race.


On the following morning of Sunday 13th April, the Trials bikers held their competition in the hard rock cutting quarry at Targiet Ghomor l/o Naxxar. The competition was very technical in fact only Veteran Robert Caruana won one Clean Section in the whole event. Caruana strengthened his lead in class with 20 penalty points only. Nicholas Farrugia placed 2nd overall with 56 points on his Beta while Fredrick Bonello is placed 3rd on his Gas Gas.


Rowen Bonello dominated his class B for the 5th consecutive win on his Beta. Though the Sections were different from the Class A riders yet Rowen managed to win his class with only one Clean section on the day and 20 penalty points. Joseph Scicluna on a Gas Gas placed 2nd in class with 29 penalty points while young Bernard Sammut on another Gas Gas is placed 3rd in Class on his 2nd race of Trials riding. ASMK thanks Ballut Ltd and Thomas Smith Insurance for supporting the event.


Andrew Cassar and Mathieu Salomon made it to Sicily to compete in an Enduro Competition held in Cava d’ Aliga’ at Lungomare by the Italian Federation for Motorcycling (FMI) on Sunday 13th April. Earlier this year a group of 11 ASMK Enduro Bikers gained experience in Ragusa in preparation to the 2nd FMI Enduro International event at Lungomare among about 200 bikers. 

All competitors have to ride four times the 70 Km long track encountering extreme and demanding varying terrain on route with steep breath-taking rocky cliff edge paths and the boulder rich river bed too. Following rain showers it was not easy riding over these obstacles in competition with some experienced Italian riders. The course included an 8 minute Fettuchato Cross test and a 5 minute Enduro test. Italy’s famous Gaetano Scuderi gave the spectators a great show in the special test sections.


Andrew and Mathieu started their race at 9.20am with more than 7 hours riding which lasted till 3.30pm. There were small slots to fresh up with a drink, refuel the bikes and perform minor repairs or adjustments as required and meet famous Enduro competitors on site.


Andrew raced in the Veteran Class and managed to win 2nd place on the podium. Matthieu who was competing in a much populated class managed to win 4th in Class thus he missed the podium by a few points. Yet, his placing is very high up in the overall results scale. This reflects very promising on our competitors who are winning high placing in abroad competition when compared to the limitations of facilities in our country. Andrew and Mathieu will be competing again in another FMI Championship event next May.


ASMK thank Virtu Ferries for supporting our competitors in International sport abroad. More ASMK Maltese riders will be competing in the FMI Motocross Championship in Sicily and in Drag Racing Cup in Santa Pod this coming Easter.

More related information is available in the ASMK Website www.asmk.org.mt. Next Enduro event is scheduled for the 27th April. Non-members are welcome.

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