Edward Xuereb and Chris Fenech won Bronze at the Youth European Tour in Southampton

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 13:05

15 year old Xuereb and 13 year old Fenech placed 3rd  in their respective age categories at the first stop of the 2019/2020 Youth European Tour.

In Group B, Xuereb qualified for the finals in 5th place along with 14 year old Dwayne Zahra who qualified in 6th.  While Zahra lost his first round against eventual winner George Jagger, ending up in 5th place overall, Xuereb beat his opponent 2-0 to advance to the semi-finals , where he lost to home favourite Dan Harding.  In Group A, Fenech beat Charlie Upton with a 210 average over 2 games , while then losing to eventual Group A winner Frank Stephenson.

They were part of an 8 strong Maltese squad,  from over 100 international players, with Juliana Bonanno (5th,Group D, 189 average), Matthew Magro, (9th,Group C, 213 average) Nicholas Muscat (9th , Group B,197 average), Miguel Xuereb (Group C, 16th, 189 average, and Sara Xuereb, Group C, 12th, 189 average).

The next stop of the YET is Belgium, at the end of October.

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