Easy win for Pietà H.

Friday, March 16, 2012, 15:08

courtesy of Victor Ciangura – The Malta Independent

APS Bank Under 15 Section A

Pieta H    5      Pembroke Ath   0


The final result is a clear indication that Pieta had a very easy encounter against Pembroke as they managed to score five goals without any reply. Following this game Pieta are in 7th position on 25 points from 16 games while Pembroke are in penultimate place on only 6 points also from 16 games.

Pieta mounted the first action when Nicholas Pulis pounced on a loose ball outside the area and Pembroke keeper Andrea Camilleri saved his long-range effort, from the same action, Camiileri served Nikolai Agius with a long drop kick in the area but he drove out from a very ideal position.

In a reaction by Pieta they mounted three actions. Pulis released Gary Sultana on the right flank and Camilleri had to dive and save the ball from his cross-shot. Sultana then dribbled past three defenders on the right flank, served Jake Scerri in the area but he miscued his shot when well placed and Yannick Yankam served Scerri with a through ball on the left flank who then crossed to Gain Franco Micallef in the area and Camilleri foiled him with a timely sortie.

In another action by Pembroke, Courage Dmoruazoe, after a run down the left flank the ball was cleared with difficulty after his cross-shot.

In the 21st minute Pieta opened the score. Sultana served Micallef with a through ball in the area and after the ball was partly cleared from the later’s shot the same player scored from the rebound with a hard grounder.

The score became 2-0 four minutes later when a well-taken flag kick by Micallef created havoc in Pembroke’s area and in the melee that ensued Joshua Tonna scored with a hard drive from inside the area.

Pembroke created the last action before the break when Agius was fouled outside the area and Roderick Caruana drove slightly over the bar from the free kick.

Six minutes after the restart Pieta scored a third goal as Pulis served Sultana in the area, who was in a clear off side position, which was unnoticed by Assistant Andre’ Psaila, and as the Pembroke defenders did the stand still act and protested for off side, he scored as he was unhindered.

Pieta resumed with their pressing and dominated the proceedings as Pembroke only created one action. Pulis dribbled past an opponent and after entering the area Camilleri saved his shot by tipping the ball over the bar. Cleaven Zammit released Matthew Goodlip on the right flank and the ball finished out from his cross-shot. Micallef was then fouled outside the area and Camilleri saved the free kick shot by the same player. Zammit released substitute Jamie Delia on the right flank and Camilleri neutralised the ball from his cross-shot and substitute Neville Cauchi served Micallef with a through ball but he missed the upright from outside the area.

In Pembroke’s only action in the 58th minute Agius was fouled on the right flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from the free kick shot by Zack Zammit.

Pieta scored No 4 in the 63rd minute when substitute James Scicluna served Christian De Gabriele with a cross in the area from the left flank and he scored with a hard low shot, and hardly a minute later they scored their fifth goal as Micallef dribbled past a defender and after entering the area scored aith a low hard drive.

In the last action before the end, Micallef was fouled outside the area and camilleri saved in two attempts the free kick shot by De Gabriele.

Referee: Jonathan Bonello                        Player of the match: Gian Franco Micallef (Pieta H)


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