Easy win for Paola H

Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 10:41

courtesy of Victor Ciangura – The Malta In dependent

APS Bank Under 17 Section A

Rabat   0       Paola H    5


Paola H had a very easy task in beating bottom-placed Rabat.The now lead the standings together with Hamrun on 37 points from 17 games but the latter have a game in hand.

Play was totally dominated by Hibs during both periods and they started on the offensive from the very first whistle.

Darren Sciberras released Kurt Cutajar on the right flank who the crossed to Jurgen De Gabriele in the area but he drove slightly out. Timothy Tabone served Rednor Farrugia with a square pass and Rabat keeper Andrew Zammit effected a diving save on his shot from outside the area and a well-taken flag kick by Zack Scerri created havoc in Rabat’s area but somehow the ball was cleared away to safety.

Hibs opened the score in the 13th minute when Tabone served Sciberras with a through ball in the area and scored with a lobbed ball past the onrushing Zammit.

The Paolites resumed with their pressing and mounted two further actions. Scerri served De Gabriele in the area and Zammit saved his close-range ashot and Tabone released Cutajar on the left flank and he missed the bar by inches from the edge of the area.

In Rabat’s first action after 30 minutes Jamie Muscat served Aidan Azzopardi in the area and Paola keeper Rudy Briffa denied him with a diving save, and at the other end, Tabone served Cutajar on the right flank who then crossed to Sciberras and after Zammit partly saved his shot the ball was cleared away by a defender.

Rabat then created the last action before the break when Aidan Azzopardi released Leon Farrugia in the area and Briffa smothered the ball as he dived at his feet.

Three minutes after the restart Paola doubled the score.Neil Falzon served Sciberras with a through ball who after dribbling past an opponent entered the area and scored with a low shot, and hardly a minute later the score became 3-0 as Tabone released De Gabriele on the right flank who then served Sciberras in the area who netted from close range.

In the 49th minute minute Rabat player Leon Farrugia was fouled on the right flank, was injured in the action and had to be rushed to hospital for treatment. From these columns I wish him a speedy recovery.

In a rare Rabat action, Etienne Scicluna dribbled past two opponents on the right flank, crossed to John Saliba who missed the upright from outside the area..

Paola soon regained the initiative and scored a fourth goal in the 67th minute when from a flag kick by Scerri, substitute Aaron Hili scored with a header from inside the area.

In another action by Paola, Rednor Farrugia served substitute Clive Gauci in the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner following his shot, and three minutes before the end the score became 5-0 when Falzon served Cutajar with a through ball outside the area and he scored with a hard rising shot.

Referee: Karl Frendo Cumbo                          Player of the match: Zack Scerri (Paola H)


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