Easy win for Kavallieri

Saturday, February 16, 2013, 17:50

Kavallieri 55, Birkirkara 12.

In the first half, Kavallieri used the strong wind in their favour and succeeded to secure the points by scoring five times in the first half. On the other hand , B’Kara committed crucial handling and basic errors allowing their opponents to score three of the 5 tries scored in the first half

B’Kara slightly made amends by scoring a nice try from short and quick passing and excellent offloading after direct contact with the Kavallieri forwards.

As for the scrum , B’Kara were stronger and won a couple of penalties to stave off the massive pressure exerted by Kavallieri. Half Time score with Kavallieri in a strong position leading 29 points to 5.

In the second half freezing rain did not help the players on the field and the quality of the match decreased compared to the first half. Due to some B’Kara indiscipline committing penalties, handling in the ruck and lack of support made Kavallieri’s life much easier. A couple of knock-ons in B’Kara’s own 22 metre defensive area, enabled Kavallieri’s deadly duo Edmunds and Griffith to continue to install further damage on the score line against B’Kara.

Kavallieri’s speedy Sammy Kawara together with Nick Horne were instrumental in posting a massive result for the current league champions.

Birkirkara got most of the possession in this half but their inexperience and lack of basic structures in the defence did not help their fortunes. A number of missed tackles by B’Kara confirmed their lack of preparation in defence.

B’Kara continued to put pressure on Kavallieri in the last 20 minutes and finally their efforts paid off although good to note that B’Kara were unlucky to miss two penalties. Some excellent off loading by B’Kara, Jeremy Dela managed to score a nice try despite having three Kavallieri players all over him after managing to sneak past two Kavallieri tacklers.

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