Easy nap hand victory for Naxxar

Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 9:01

courtesy of Victor Ciangura – The Malta Independent

APS Bank Under 17 Section B

Naxxar L   5       Qormi   0


The final result is a clear indication that Naxxar were far superior than Qormi. They managed to score five goals without any reply. Their precise passing and ball on the ground were a delight to watch. Following this game Naxxar lead the standings on 23 points from 10 games while Qormi are in sixth position on 13 points from same number of games.

The first action came from Qormi as Gilmour Azzopardi was fouled on the right flank and Naxxar keeper Slaven Micallef saved the free kick shot by Clint Barbara.

The reaction by Naxxar was very immediate as they mounted two actions. Matthew Grech served Jurgen Debono in the area but he failed to make contact with the ball and Debono then served James Camilleri on the right flank but he drove out from outside the area.

In the 21st minute Naxxar drew first blood. Camilleri, after beating a defender on the right flank served Debono with a cross in the area and after a Qormi defender handled the ball in the area Debono made no mistake from the spot.

In a Qormi reaction Barbara served Azzopardi in the area but Micallef foiled him with a timely sortie.

Naxxar doubled the score in the 28th minute when Matthew Grech served Duayne Bonnici with a perfect through ball and he scored with a very hard drive from the left edge of the area past Qormi keeper Neil Smart., and hardly a minute later the same player scored No. 3 in an identical move as he was put through by Debono.

Naxxar kept insisting as they won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Camilleri and after the ball was partly cleared Bonnici drove over the bar from the rebound.

In the last action before the break, after a run down the right flank by Barbara he served Marlon Sammut in the area with a cross and Micallef saved the latter’s close-range shot in two attempts.

The first actions after the restart were mounted by Qormi. Micallef saved a shot from outside the area by Jean C Azzopardi after he was put through by Christian Frendo and  Dwayne Spiteri then served Gilmour Azzopardi in the area and Micallef was forced to dive at his feet and smother the ball to foil him from further progression.

In the 63rd minute the score became 4-0 as Debono served substitute Clayton Falzon with a through ball who after entering the area scored with a hard grounder.

Qormi kept trying and substitute Gorg Portelli was fouled outside the area and Gilmour Azzopardi drove over the bar from the free kick and Gilmour Azzopardi was then fouled outside the area, Ryan De Giorgio served Marlon Sammut with a short pass from the free kick and Micallef saved his effort from outside the area.

In the 71st minute Naxxar scored a fifth goal. Grech served Bonnici with a through ball who then entered the area and scored with a very hard grounder obtaining a personal hat-trick and his side’s fifth goal, and in the last action before the end, Yaron Sammut served Falzon with a through pass but he missed Qormi’s bar by inches from outside the area.

Referee: Adel Radwan                      Player of the match: Jurgen Debono (Naxxar L)


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