Easy for Valletta

Saturday, December 3, 2011, 19:34

courtesy of Victor Ciangura The Malta Independent

APS Bank Under 17 Section A

Valletta   4    Rabat    0


Valletta had no difficulty to beat lowly-placed Rabat as they dominated the proceedings during the whole 80 minutes, had they taken all the chances that they created the final score line would have been different. Rabat keeper Andrew Zammit saved his side from a much heavier defeat with very good saves and timely interceptions

The Citizens went straight on the offensive. Kurt Borg served Llewelyn Cremona with a square pass who after beating a defender drove slightly over the bar, the same player then served Ian Montanaro on the right flank and the ball was cleared by a defender following his cross-shot and after Daniel Camilleri was fouled on the left edge of the area the ball was cleared to a corner from the free kick shot by Leon Gauci.

In Rabat’s only action in the first period after 15 minutes, Chris Schembri served Aidon Azzopardi with a through ball but he missed the upright from outside the area.

Valletta resumed their pressing. Dean Grech served Cremona in the area and the ball was cleared to a corner from his shot. Luke Scicluna tried his luck from outside the area and Rabat keeper Andrew Zammit denied him with a diving save to a corner and minutes later he denied Cremona with another diving save.

In the 35th minute Valletta opened the score when Borg served Cremona in the area and he netted with a low shot, and hardly a minute later Zammit neutralised a dangerous cross-shot by Dario Zampa in two attempts.

Two minutes before the interval the score became 2-0 when Scicluna pounced on a defensive indecision and scored with a grounder after entering the area.

Valletta scored a third goal five minutes after the restart when Mohammed Zaurouq served Borg with a cross from the right flank who headed in from inside the area.

Zammit came to his side’s rescue once again as he turned the ball to a corner with a diving save from a Zaurouq free kick after Borg was fouled outside the area.

Cremona made it 4-0 in the 55th minute when he pounced on a loose ball, entered the area after beating a defender and scored with a low diagonal shot.

In Rabat’s only action in the first period Aidan Azzopardi was fouled outside the area and he drove well over the bar from the free kick.

Valletta kept pressing till the end. Substitute Marco Catalano was fouled outside the area and Scicluna drove slightly over the bar from the free kick. Cremona served Gauci with a short pass from a corner kick who then crossed the ball in the area and Zammit was able to save. Catalano then served Cremona outside the area and Zammit saved his shot with a diving save in two attempts and in the last action before the end Cremona was fouled outside the area, he took charge of the resultant free kick and Zammit was forced to dive and save the ball to a corner.

Referee: Paul Apap                                     Player of the match: Andrew Zammit (Rabat)



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