Easy for superior stripes

Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 15:52
By Victor Ciangura courtesy of The Malta Independent
APS Bank Under 15 Section B 
Birkirkara   7      Pembroke Ath  1
The final score is a clear indication that Birkirkara had a very easy task to beat Pembroke.They dominated the proceedings throughout the whole 70 minutes as Pembroke created very few actions.
Pembroke created their first and only action in the first period. Courage Dmoruandzoe served Dario Aquilina with a through ball and Maximillian Borg Bartolo cleared the ball to a corner which was taken by Aquilina and after the ball was partly cleared the same player drove out from the rebound shot.
The Stripes then commenced with their onslaught. Pembroke keeper Christopher Azzopardi saved in two attempts a shot by Kieran Xuereb. Jamie Zerafa released Owen Amato on the right flank who then crossed to Xuereb who drove over the bar from the edge of the area. Amato then served Xuereb with a through ball who after was tripped outside the area Nick Borg drove out from the free kick. 
Fabien Lufi released Amato on the right flank who then served Borg in the area and Azzopardi saved his shot and later saved a rising shot by the same player after Xuereb served him with a short pass from a corner kick.
Birkirkara opened their account in the 20th minute when after a run down the right flank by Xuereb, who outsped two opponents in the process, entered the area and scored with a diagonal low shot past Azzopardi.
Three minutes later the score became 2-0 when Ryan Gauci pounced on a defensive indecision and netted with a low shot after entering the area.
The Stripes resumed with their pressing. Xuereb served Borg on the left flank and Azzopardi neutralised the ball from his low cross. Xuereb was then fouled outside the area, Zerafa served the same player with a short pass from the free kick who then served Zerafa in the area and as he was crowded out by two defenders the ball was cleared.
Three minutes before the break Birkirkara scored a third goal when Amato dribbled past an oppnent on the right flank, hugged the edge of the area and after his cross was partly cleared the ball came in the path of Gauci who scored from inside the area.
Seven minutes after the restart Pembroke reduced the gap. Charlot Catania was fouled in midfield and as Zachary Grech floated a high ball in the area from the free kick Dmoruanzoe was tripped. The same player took charge of the resultant penalty and after Stripes keeper Axel Xuereb partly saved his hard grounder Aleandro Spiteri scored from the rebound.
In Birkirkara’s next action Nigel Bugeja was fouled outside the area and the ball thumped the bar from Xuereb’s free kick with Azzopardi completely beaten, Bugeja then served Borg with a through ball in the area but he drove high from a very ideal osition.
Between the 56th and 59th minutes Birkirkara added two more goals. Amato served Xuereb in the area and after the ball hit the base of the upright from his shot Gauci was on hand to score from the rebound and Bugeja served substitue Nigel Borg with a through ball who returned the compliment to Xuereb in the area to score with a header to make it 5-1.
The sixth goal was scored in the 63rd minute when Nigel Borg served Xuereb with a through ball who entered the area after beating a defender and netted with a low drive, and three minutes before the end substitute Gianluca Zammit scored with a lobbed ball from inside the area after being served with a cross from the right by Xuereb.
Referee: Manuel Calleja                                  Player of the match: Kieran Xuereb (Birkirkara)

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