Easy for superior Fgura

Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 9:57

APS Bank Under 17 Section C 1

The final result is a clear indication that Fgura had a very easy task in beating Mtarfa who lacked ideas during the game.

Mtarfa created the first occasion as Fgura keeper Kyle Darmanin saved in two attempts a free kick shot by Andrea Calleja.
In Fgura’s first attack in the 5th minute they forged ahead. A flag kick by Matthew Magro created havoc in Mtarfa’s area and Sheldon Vella managed to flick the ball in the net past  Mtarfa keeper Norbert Grech.

In the 9th minute Fgura came close to double their lead when Magro served Christian Scifo with a cross from the left and the ball hit the bar from his shot and finished out.

Fgura doubled their lead in the 19th minute as Shawn Theuma was fouled on the right edge of the area and after the free kick by Magro, Theuma headed in from inside the area.

In an action by Mtarfa, Matthew Calleja was fouled on the left flank and after the free kick by Andrea Galea, the ball was cleared on the line from a header by Matthew Calleja.

The score became 3-0 in the 26th minute when after a run down the right flank by Magro he served Theuma with a cross in the area and he scored with a hard grounder. In the last action before the break Fgura won a corner kick on the right
flank which was taken by Magro, the ball was partly cleared and came in the path of the same player and the ball finished just over the bar from his cross-shot.

Mtarfa created the first action after the restart as Andrea Calleja served Matthew Borg with a cross in the area and Fgura keeper Darmanin foiled him with a timely sortie as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball.

Fgura reacted by mounting two actions in a row. Miguel Galea released Magro on the left flank and a defender cleared the ball to a corner and James Briffa square-passed the ball to Jerome Mizzi who drove slightly over the bar from the edge of the area.

In the 51st minute Fgura scored a fourth goal as Mizzi released Scifo in the area who scored with a hard grounder, and three minutes later the score became 5-0 as Theuma pounced on a defensive indecision who scored with a low hard drive after entering the area.

In the 61st minute Mtarfa were reduced to ten men when Odin Sammut was shown the red card for passing remarks to the referee.

In another action by Mtarfa Lionel Ambrose served Andrea Galea in the area but he drove over the bar.

Between the 69th and 71st minutes Fgura added two more goals to make it 7-0. Substitute Dean Hannaford released Briffa in the area and placed the ball in the net with a low shot and substitute Osvaldo Brignoli served Jerome Mizzi in the area and scored with a low shot.

The last action before the end was also created by Fgura as Brignoli served Mizzi on the right flank who then crossed to Scifo in the area and the ball missed the upright from his shot.

Fgura Utd: K.Darmanin, S.Theuma (D.Hannaford 65), S.Vella, J.Mizzi,M.Magro, J.Abela, A.Ciappara, M.Galea (O.Brignoli 57), D.Mamo, C.Scifo, J.Briffa
Mtarfa: N.Grech, K.Agius, L.Ambrose, T.Aquilina (K.Conti 41), M.Borg, A.Borg, A.Calleja, M.Calleja, J.Farrugia, A.Galea, O.Sammut,

Referee: Anthony Buhagiar

Player of the match; Matthew Magro (Fgura Utd)

Under 15 Section C 2

Deserved win for Mgarr

Sirens   0

Mgarr Utd   4

Mgarr were the better side during the whole game as they showed more ideas than Sirens and fully deserved the three points that they won.

The first two actions were created by Mgarr. a flag kick by Luke Galea was cleared to another corner and from another corner kick by Zack Camilleri the ball was cleared away with difficulty..

In the first action by Sirens Luke Djincharadze served Ahmed Rashed in the area and Mgarr keeper Ron Bonsfield foiled him with a timely sortie, while at the other end, Christian Camilleri served Zack Camilleri in the area and Sirens keeper Jeremy Cauchi foiled with a perfect timely sortie.

Sirens then won a corner kick on the right flank which created havoc in Mgarr’s area and the ball was somehow cleared away to safety.

Mgarr resumed with their pressing. Zack Camilleri missed the upright from outside the area after dribbling past an opponent. The same palyer then served Kerstyen Tonna with a cross from the left but he drove out from inside the area from a very ideal position and Christian Camilleri released Luke Galea in the area and Cauchi saved his shot to a corner.

Mgarr opened the score in the 29th minute as Kieran Mifsud released Luke Galea in the area and he scored with a hard rising shot.
Zack Camilleri should have doubled for Mgarr in the 33rd minute  but he drove out from inside the area with an open goal at his mercy after a perfect cross from the right by Galea.

Just before the half time whistle Mgarr doubled their lead. Tonna served Christian Camilleri with a cross from the right and as Cauchi tipped the ball over the bar from his hard drive the flag kick was taken by Tonna who scored direct from the flag kick with a perfect screw shot.

The first action after resumption was created by Mgarr as they won a corner kick on the left flank which was taken by Zack Camilleri and after the ball was partly cleared it came in the path of the same player and the ball was headed away from his cross-shot.

Mgarr scored a third goal in the 43rd minute when Christian Camilleri released Owen Fenech on the right flank who then crossed to Zack Camilleri in the area who scored with a hard low drive.

In a rare action by Sirens, Rashed served Gabriel Galea in the area and Bonsfield foiled him with a timely sortie.

The score became 4-0 in the 55th minute when substitue Joseph Smart released Galea in the area who scored with a very hard low drive. Mgarr resumed with their pressing and created all the actions up to the end of the game.

Christian Camilleri controlled a loose ball outside the area and Cauchi saved his shot in two attempts. A flag kick by Zack Camilleri created havoc in Sirens’s area but somehow the ball was cleared away and Christian Camilleri pounced on a loose ball outside the area and Cauchi had to dive and save the ball to a corner.

Sirens: J.Cauchi, L.Cardona (G.Farrugia 51), L.Djincharadze, P.Scerri, G.Galea, A.Rashed, L.Camilleri (A.D’Arrigo 45), J.Ciantar, G.Pisani,K.Chircop, A.Bezzina

Mgarr Utd: R.bonsfield, K.Mifsud (M.Vella 51), S.Camilleri (M.Galea 56),K.Vella, M.De Pasquale (D.Portelli 64), A.Camilleri, O.Fenech (J.Attard 59), C.Camilleri, Z.Camilleri, L.Galea,K.tonna (J.Smart 53)

Referee: Neil Kamel El Din

Player of the match: Zack Camilleri (Mgarr Utd)

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