€289,328 in solidarity payments to local Clubs

Monday, October 4, 2010, 12:10

Local clubs will be receiving a share of €289,328 in the form of solidarity payments from the revenue generated from the UEFA Champions League.  This was announced last week during the second MFA council meeting since Darmanin Demajo and Vassallo are at the helm of the Association. The money from this UEFA solidarity programme is earmarked exclusively for youth development.

No decision has been taken yet as to how these funds will be distributed and the MFA Executive Committee will be discussing the matter in the coming days. In recent years, money from this solidarity programme was distributed to all licensed nurseries according to the license obtained. This website is informed that the Premier League Clubs who participated in the 2009/10 season are not willing to accept the way that these funds are distributed whereby  all the Nurseries around Malta and Gozo get a share. The Premier clubs want the sum to be spread solely between the ten of them.

In agreement with the European Club Association, the amount distributed to the clubs concerned was increased for the 2009/10 season, so much so that almost €68 million, significantly more than the €43 million or so paid the previous season, will be handed out as part of this solidarity programme.

The Council on Friday also accepted a request by the Second Division Clubs Standing Committee to postpone the election of a member in the Executive Committee to represent the Second Division Clubs. The newly elected council member will replace Bjorn Vassallo who has now been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Football Association.

MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo during this meeting explained the latest developments regarding the project for the improvement of club facilities. He said that the association will continue to work towards making sure that all clubs have adequate facilities. With regards to gate-money, Darmanin Demajo explained that the idea of a home-and-away system for gate-money was put aside in order to give an incentive to clubs to attract fans for all their matches. Agreements were reached with the various Standing Committees with regards to the way gate money will be distributed. He said that pitch charges for the National Stadium, the Centenary Stadium and other venues have been waived. The next objective is to tackle the match day expenses.

It was also communicated that following talks with Bank of Valletta, the Association will launch a scheme thanks to which the association will place funds which will act as a guarantee against loans which member clubs would obtain in order to finance projects. Such infrastructural projects will have to be approved by the association. Although the association would be taking a risk, this would be a calculated risk since particular safeguards would be in place.

Finally it was announced that two new services – the Club Help Desk and the General Help Desk – will be launched in the coming days. Rodney Pisani will be in charge of the Club Help Desk who will deal with difficulties faced by clubs and member associations. Enquiries by the general public will be directed to the General Help Desk.

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