Dwayne Zahra won Gold, Kayden Lagana silver in the 24th JIC Sinjoor Youth Tournament in Belgium

Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 13:35

14 year old Zahra won Gold in his category while 11 year old Lagana placed 2nd in their respective age categories at the second stop of the 2019/2020 Youth European Tour.

In Group D, Zahra had a very strong set to qualify in 3rd place and then went on to play a superb 210 average over 3 games to  take the lead, which he kept by beating Vin van der Loo from the Netherlands in a 2 game shootout 445-428.

In Group B, Lagana qualified for the finals in 3rd place, and then first beat Andrii Gadiatski 183-161, and then had to face the very strong Tobias Kastfelt from Denmark. Lagana led by 1 pin after the first game, but a series of splits meant he lost the second game and total to Tobias by 25 pins.

They were part of a 10 strong Maltese squad, from almost 400 international players, comprising Juliana Bonanno, Sara Xuereb, Kathryn Fenech, Philip Grupetta, Matthew Magro, Miguel Xuereb, Edward Xuereb and Chris Fenech.  Special mentions go to Magro, who just missed the cut by 12 pins, and Miguel Xuereb who managed to qualify for the finals also thanks to a great 277 game, finishing in 6th position at the end.

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