Duncan and Chris a new chapter in Maltese Drag Racing history

Thursday, September 12, 2013, 11:22

 This FIA European finals will be a great memory for Malta and all the petrol heads that flock our MDRA Strip at Hal Far as for the first time we had two drivers in top fuel , going back a year and we witnessed a Top Methanol final in all maltese form that day is still remembered as the most successful day in Maltese drag racing history , a year later and another chapter is written , Duncan Micallef was the first ever Maltese to get a Top Fuel licence , Chris polidano is the second and he did it in style , chris is well known for his driving ability and he proved every one right with a 4.19 sec run in the final licence run so that he was eligible to compete in the finals

Duncan is going trough some rough time this season as he switched cars and setting up this hedmann built fueller is looking to be a tough job , a test event in Sweden was not enough to sort the gremlins which haunted the team this year , so this had to go on into the FIA Finals ,he managed to qualify sixth with a 4.38 sec as only two qualification runs was possible on the other hand Chris managed to qualify forth place with a 4.17 sec run which was once again an improvement over his license pass ! He and his team was delighted with there first experience in the biggest class of the sport

E1 Duncan raced Jari halinen which was strong in qualifications with a 4.07 sec ,Duncan managed to go trough to the semi finals as Jari smoked the tyres
But yet his problems were still in place as the head gasket once again said enough , with some more energy from the team once this meant that they were in semi finals which is also a first in Maltese drag racing history ,they managed to rebuilt the engine and replace all damaged parts in time for the semi final

E1 Chris was up versus chris Andrews , two chris of a kind I say as both have great potential , unfortunately luck was not on Kalanc’s side as a throttle cable let go in the burnout which ment the end of the weekend for him , Chris and team were still delighted with there first race in Top Fuel and who knows what might have happened if the throttle cable held in place !

Semi final run Duncan had stig along side , an identical reaction time but by 60 ft it was all over for Duncan as stig managed to clock his best run for the weekend at4.03 sec while at 330ft the blower belt let go for Duncan

The FIA Finals weekend is one to remember for both teams as they worked so close to each other and in some moments these two top fuel teams became one helping each other is a great scene ,this atmosphere is unforgettable

MDRA would like to thank all those involved for giving the Maltese racers the opportunity along the years to express there driving ability at an FIA level

As an Mdra secretary this was my best experience ever , as assisting these great teams on the starting line is something out of this world !!

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