Dr James Galea wins Qormi Shooters Trap Trophy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 8:00

Dr.James Galea was the overall winner of The Qormi Shooters Trap Trophy yesterday during a competition organized at The Qormi Shooting Range.
This competition was on 50 clays trap, with the best six shooters to qualify for a barrage final of another 25 clays.

Dr. James Galea placed 1st with 43+22=65+s/off+1
Stanley Cardona placed 2nd with 43=22=65+s/off+0
Raymond micallef placed 3rd with 43+18=61
Mario Zammit placed 4th wiith 44+15=59
Grezzju zammit placed 5th with 43+15=58
Paul Formosa placed 6th with 42+15=57

Class A 1st Dr.James Galea 43/50. 2nd Stanley Cardona 43/50 3rd Aldo Falzon 41/50.
Class B 1st Mario Zammit 44/50. 2nd Grezzju Zammit 43/50, 3rd Paul Formosa 42/50.
Class C 1st Ray Micallef 43/50, 2nd Carmel Grech 41/50, 3rd Micheal Grech 40/50.

High Scores in The 3rd Air-Rifle & Air-Pistol Selection Competition in Bidnija
The third and final selection competition in Air-Rifle & Air-Pistol took place at the Indoor Airgun Range in Bidnija last Sunday. Yet again another record was broken in Ladies Air-Rifle by none other than Marianna Kisvardai shooting an excellent 385 / 400 and a 581/600 to achieve a merited first place. In the final she also achieved an unbeatable 98.1 points. William Vella obtained second placing in the qualification round with a score of 568 but could not continue the final shoot due to ill health. Following this, third placed Lawrence Darmanin who shot a 545/600 in the qualification round obtained a 94.8 in the final to overtake Vella to second place. A good fight in the final between 3rd placed Romeo Zuber (492/600) and Michael Xuereb (486/600) ensured that the latter shooter a final third placing by the smallest of margins of just 1.4 points. After the final round William Vella was in fourth position with only his qualification score of 568 points and followed by Austin Vella in fifth place with 471 + 78.1points.
In the Air-Pistol event, Eleanor Bezzina was again the overall winner with a solid score of 364/400 points and a final overall score of 552/600 + 95.2 in the final. She was followed by Ray Cacciattolo with a qualification score of 541 and a 95.3 in the final, whilst Josette Calleja achieved a merited third place with a good score of 506/600 and a 90.4. Another battle ensued for 4th place between Martin Grech and Manuel Grech who were both locked with equal scores of 488 in the qualification round. However Martin Grech got the better of Manuel Grech with a better 85.5 points to Manuel’s 82.0 points final score. Newcomer Stephen Vassallo shot an excellent 478/600 and an 88.5 points in his first competition for 6th placing.
The competitions were ably conducted by international ISSF referee Mr Gino Galea and assisted by Mr Mark Cutajar. 
A group of these target shooters will now be participating at the Gare Federale di Sicilia at Tiro a Segno di Catania Shooting range on the 16th of this month in their final preparations for the GSSE.

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