Domenic Zammit seals his Gozo Autocross Championship Title

Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 8:22

The first Night event of this season for the Autocross cars was held last Saturday 1st June. This was the 14th event of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2012/13 Autocross Championship. First race started at 6.30pm and the event finished till late. Gozo drivers also took part in this event’s racing.

 The race heats were interesting and exciting to watch when Patrick Cassar on his Opel Corsa was the only driver to win the three qualifying heats. Thus, he secured his place on the Class A starting grid together with Christian Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Melo Zammit on his Ford Escort, Philip Joe Vella on an Opel Nova, Malcom Borg on an Opel Corsa and Chris Formosa on a Ford Fiesta.

 As the red Start light went off Cassar and Galea raced abreast to the first right hander and it was Galea on his Ritmo who took the lead. Cassar followed very close for most of the race heats. Zammit, Vella and Borg raced close to almost touching each other for quite a while. While Borg was fetching any opportunity to pass Philip Vella this latter performed excellent and was trying to find a gap to beat Zammit’s Escort which in fact Vella never succeeded. All the drivers in this very fast 9 laps race held their positions to the chequered flag. Galea won the day’s race but Cassar is still leading the classification with one single point advantage. So, the Championship winner is to be decided during next final race.

 Class B Start-line drivers were Andrew Pisani on an Opel Nova, Carlos Mifsud and Guzi Pace both on a Ford Escort, Andreas Zammit and Godfrey Gauci both on a Ford Fiesta and Mario Scicluna on an Opel Corsa. Pisani followed by Scicluna took the lead right from the start. Gauci and Mifsud followed in 3rdand 4th places and later Pace overtook Mifsud both driving Escorts Mk 1. The other drivers held their places to the Finish when Pisani took the flag first. Scicluna and Gauci followed in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

 The Race Final for the day’s winner and the Championship winner in this Gozo Autocross class drew the attention of many present. As the Start Lights turned off all cars flew away but it was Domenic Zammit who took the lead. Zammit was followed by Apap on an Escort who was followed at times very close behind by Joseph Gauci on an Alfa Sud. As the Laps were counted Zammit increased his lead and he won both the day’s event and the Gozo Autocross Championship too. Apap and Gauci were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

 The ASMK Trials Section will be organising the 7th Championship event. This competition will be held next Saturday 8th June 2013 at the Torri Falka Quarry on the road to Zebbieh l/0 Mgarr. This event is scheduled to start at 4.00pm. Mepa permits for this event have been granted and conditions apply.

 The last Autocross Championship event is going to be held next Saturday 16th June. First race starts at 6.00pm at the ASMK Race Circuits at Ta Qali.


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