Doffo and Grabovski furious at Floriana

Friday, July 6, 2012, 14:00

by Sandro Micallef

Pablo Doffo

Two weeks ago Floriana had asked Pablo Doffo to fly back to Malta as the Club wanted him to feature for them in the UEFA Europa League. Doffo had asked Floriana to pay for his Argentina – Malta flight and the Club said that although they have financial difficulties they would pay him should he come down to Malta.

Things took a twist as Doffo was informed that he will not travel to Sweden with the Greens since the committee could not honour the payment in his clause whereby he had to be paid also for his UEL presence. Since Doffo was out of contract Floriana informed him that they have no money and he was left stranded and with about €1200 to fork out to pay for the flight.

Andre Grabovski also has trouble with the new committee as he had asked a minimal increase in his wage. This site is informed that he asked for just €200 increase per month but his offer was rejected leaving the Swedish-Polish passport holder in the middle of nowhere. Grabovski might be training with some local Clubs as from this Monday.


  1. cata says:



  2. The God says:

    Maybe one should consider the fact that the vast majority of floriana fc’s current problems are the result of administrative mismanagement the club had in the last season… It’s ok floriana qualified for europe but some problems where already calling during the last campaign and now there’s an outburst of everything such as no coach, no staff, no foreigners, etc etc…


  3. Pierre MIfsud says:

    Not all clubs have financial problems, however we are in such situation because presidents are ego centred and instead of helping clubs operate through a serious and gradual growth, they are blind for immediate success. Floriana experieced this and now they are in trouble. 


    Edward Reply:

    You have a valid point with regards clubs seeking immediate success and i am still hoping that clubs will see the business sense in searching for talented players (both local and foreign) with the potentials of raising the profile of the league as well as being sold for profitable fees instead of going for average South American players. I have had this discussion with some club Presidents but it appears that they are living in a bubble with no clue.


  4. ex Floriana player says:

    We have too many different sport disciples in Malta – to name a few rugby, basketball, volleyball, hockey, waterpolo – for a small island as Malta and sponsors are getting too hard to find. To cap it all, the local media does not get enough exposure to such companies so why blame the latter for not sponsoring sports clubs…..


  5. zico says:

    I think Mr Doffo should have known Floriana would have never paid his air ticket sinse he knew finantial problems where there………


  6. PUBLIUS says:

    Tigri tghaddi din il-gimgha ghax hlief ahbarijiet negattivi mhux hergin mil-klabb.


  7. Edward says:

    Football clubs in Malta are underutilising their potentials with regards to finding sustainable approach to boosting their finances. The way forward is not to sign average players but to engage the services of young players, either from within or outside Malta, that have the potential of being transfered to other EU clubs for profitable fees. Football is business, pure and simple and until they realise that, we will continue to read articles like this.


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