Dixon fights Smith this evening

Saturday, September 18, 2010, 17:37

by Matthew Azzopardi

The scent of pugilism was high and mighty on Friday 17th September at Exiles, Sliema as boxers and fans alike got ready for the weighing-in for today’s Saturday 18th September event. The big fight is between the Maltese-based Scottish boxer Scott Dixon and Welshman Mark ‘Too Cute’ Smith. The undercard consists of a welterweight bout between Steve Martin and Jonathan Coleiro, a middleweight bout between Dione Galea and Alpha ‘The Bazooka Man’ from the Ivory Coast as well as a host of boxing and muay-thai exhibitions.

Scott Dixon

Scott Dixon

Martin weighed in at 68kg with Coleiro at 73kg. Galea and Alpha both weighed in at 70 kg with Scott Dixon at a lean 76kg. Smith was a no-show but Dixon promised everyone that the Welshman will definately show up to fight ‘Mark would be wise not to make me angry at him’ Dixon said.

With the two fighters already locked horns previously in their boxing career, I ask Dixon if there is any bad blood between the pair. Dixon’s expression hardens into one of pure loathing ‘I am going to knock him out and I will make it painful. I want everyone to come out and see me knock this chump out. Dixon Rules’.

Sportinmalta.com spoke to Matthew Azzopardi who gave us his predictions about the bouts which are going to be held tonight.

Martin vs Coleiro: The is an exciting clash of styles. Martin’s speed and slickness against Coleiro’s brawling style. The men are evenly matched but with Martin carrying a hot win streak and an abundance of confidence, I pick Martin to take a desicion or a late round stoppage.

Galea vs Alpha: Both men weigh 70kg but that is as far as the comparisons go. Alpha is severly outgunned in this fight and it is Galea’s fight to lose. However, a boxer always has a puncher’s chance and Galea may be wary to mix it up after suffering 2 hard defeats in his last 2 outings. I do not see Alpha winning this fight but I will always say this: if Buster Douglas can KO Mike Tyson, anything can happen in boxing. Having said that I pick Galea to win by first round KO.

Dixon vs Smith: Note to all Maltese boxing fans; when Dixon fights, you watch. I have never seen a boring Dixon fight and I will bet my two cents that this fights will not be the first. I see a very even first couple of rounds with Dixon feeling out his foe and gradually taking over in the middle rounds till he comes out with guns blazing to stop his opponent in the 7th round.

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