Disappointing result for national ladies 7s

Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 7:59

Hopes of further success for Malta’s Ladies 7’s rugby squad were dashed last weekend in Bucharest.

The seven-match tournament stretched across two days and started well with a stunning try from Amanda Cassar in the first minute of the first match against Romania. But, injuries were sustained almost immediately which affected the rest of the tournament. By the end of the match against Romania, Beverie Sultana’s ankle injury resulted in her absence until the following day. Final score: Romania 12 – Malta 7.

The next match against the Czech Republic ended with the same score for Malta, but the opposition doubled it and won by 14 points to 7. With a try by Tessabelle Sultana, the Maltese squad drew their third match against Israel – 5 points all –but Victoria Aquilina was also lost to the team with a shoulder injury from the first match.

The day ended as it started with a loss to Switzerland of 20 – 7.

In spite of rousing efforts the following day, with tries by Victoria Aquilina, Marion Azzopardi, Charlene Vassallo and Vanessa Attard, Malta lost all three matches against Latvia, (14 – 5) Bulgaria (17 – 12) and another match against Israel 15 – 5). Even though one or two key players continued to play through their injuries, many of the squad were forced to play in unfamiliar positions, a disappointing scenario which saw Malta placed 12th and relegated to Division B.

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