Dingli lead the standings

Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 9:51

APS Bank Under 17 Section C 3 

by Victor Ciangura courtesy of The Malta Independent
Sta Lucia   1      Dingli S    3
By virtue of this win Dingli lead the standings on 19 points from 9 games while Sta Lucia are second on 16 points from same number of games. Dingli had more of the exchanges during both periods and fully deserved the verdict.
The first action came from Dingli when Gaetan Mifsud served Andrea Anastasi in the area and Sta Lucia keeper Elton Camilleri foiled him with a timely sortie.
The reaction by Sta Lucia was very immediate as they mounted two actions in a row. Andre’ Genovese served Andre’ Cianco with a through ball and Dingli keeper Marius Muscat saved his shot from outside the area and after a well-taken corner kick by Ciancio the ball was cleared to another corner.
Dingli then created three actions in a row. Jean P Micallef was fouled on the left flank and after the free kick shot by Luke Galea, Gaetan Mifsud headed out from inside the area. Paul Micallef floated a perfect ball in the area from a free kick and James Fenech back-headed the ball to his keeper, risking an own-goal, but Camilleri was on the alert and saved the ball, and in their next action they opened the score in the 19th minute when Mifsud floated a high ball in the area from a free kick and Micallef scored with a header.
In the next action by Sta Lucia Ciancio pounced on a defensive indecision, out-sped two opponents and after entering the area Muscat saved his close-range shot, from the same action, Muscat served Robert Ciantar from the drop-kick, the latter served Anastasi in the area and Camilleri foiled him with a timely sortie in two attempts.
 Four minutes before the break Dingli doubled the score as Paul Micallef dribbled past a defender on the right flank and he scored with a strong cross-shot past a helpless Camilleri.
there were only five actions worthy of note in the second period. Two minutes after restart sta Lucia reduced the gap as Kirsten Curmi served Kyle Sultana on the right flank who after advancing scored with a lobbed ball.
In a Dingli attack, Galea served Anastasi in the area and Camilleri foiled him with a perfect timely sortie.
Dingli re-established their two-goal lead on the hour through Luke Galea who scored from inside the area after a Jean P Micallef perfect high ball in the area from a free kick. 
Although leading by two goals Dingli kept trying and mounted two further actions before the final whistle.Galea was fouled outside the area, Paul Micallef served Ciantar with a short pass and Camilleri saved his shot from outside the area and substitute Warren Strout served Anastasi on the right flank and the ball finished over the bar from his cross-shot.
Referee: Redeemer Caruana                              Player of the match: Robert Ciantar (Dingli S)

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