Diego Gasperini wins The Marfel Trap Trophy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 15:40

Diego Gasperini won The Marfel Trap Trophy today during a competition organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at Bidnija.


Diego Gasperini placed 1st with 44+19=63

Alessandro Di Nicotra placed 2nd with 45+17=62

Silvio Attard placed 3rd with 46+15=61

James Galea Jr. placed 4th with 44+16=60

Paul Vella placed 5th with 44+16=60

Nazzareno Attard placed 6th with 43+16=59


Class A 1stSilvio Attard 46/50,

2ndAlessandro Di Nicotra 45/50,

3rd Diego Gasperini 44/50.

Class B 1st Paul Vella 44/50,

2nd James Galea Jr. 44/50

3rd Frank Scorfna 40/50.

Class C 1st Peter Muscat 37/50,

2nd Paul Gatt 36/50

3rd Micheal Galea 34/50.

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