Deserved win for Pieta

Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 10:06

by Victor Ciangura, courtesy of The Malta Independent


APS Bank Under 17 Section A


Pieta H    4


San Gwann    0


Pieta fully deserved the verdict as they created more occasions than San Gwannwho also had their good moments. Following this game Pieta share second spot with Sliema W on 12 points from 5 games while San Gwann are in fifth position on 9 points also from 5 games.


Pieta created the first action when James Scicluna served Gary Sultana with a square pass outside the area and the ball was cleared to a corner from his shot and in the first action by San GwannSamuel Vella was fouled on the right flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from the free kick by Gianluca Sant.


In a reation by  Pieta they mounted two actions. Matthew Goodlip dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and after serving Scicluna with a cross in the area SanGwann keeper Dean Sciberras saved his close-range header,and Owen Amato dribbled past an opponent outside the area and Sciberras saved his shot in two attempts.


In the 27th minute Pieta opened the score. Scicluna entered the area after dribbling past two opponents and served Jake Scerri with a cross who scored with a header, and minutes later Sciberras saved a free kick by Scicluna after Amato was fouled on the right flank.


Two minutes before the break Jan Tanti should have equalized for San Gwann but he failed to apply the killer touch from a very ideal position after a perfect cross in the area by Luca Mallia.


Just before the half time whistle Pieta player Gary Sultana was shown the yellow card for time-wasting.



Very few were the actions created after the restart, the first two being created by San Gwann.


After a flag kick by Alessio Magro, Tanti headed slightly over the bar from inside the area and Stefan Stojanovic served Tanti in the area and Pieta keeper JacobChircop St John foiled him with a timely sortie.


In Pieta’s next attack in the 53rd minute they doubled their lead when after a flag kick by Scicluna, Christian De Gabriele scored with a header from inside the area.


Pieta resumed with their pressing and created two actions. Zammit was fouled on the left flank and after Scicluna floated a high ball in the area from the free kickScerri drove over the bar and after a flag kick by Scicluna, De Gabriele drove over the bar.


In the 65th minute the score became 3-0 as Amato dribbled past an opponent on the left flank and after serving Scerri with a low cross in the area the latter scored with a hard diagonal drive.


San Gwann then created two actions. Stojanovic served Tanti with a square pass in the area and Chircop St John had to dive and save the over-head kick by Tantiand Stojanovic served Andre’ Cachia in the area but he drove slightly over the bar.


Just before the final whistle Pieta scored their fourth and final goal when substitute Ryan Cesare released  Joshua Tonna in the area who scored with a hard grounder.


 Referee: Anthony Buhagiar                                                                                                                          Player of the match: JamesScicluna (Pieta H)


 Pieta H; J.Chircop St John, O.Amato, C.De Gabriele, M.Goodlip, N.Pisani (J.Bonnici 71), L.Saliba, B.Scerri, J,Scerri, J.Scicluna (J.Micallef 75) G.Sultana(R.Cesare 79), J.Tonna, C.Zammit

San Gwann: D.Sciberras, A.Cachia, C.Graham, G.Sant, M.Farrugia, J.Tanti,L.Mallia, A.Magro, G.Saydon (A.Agius 65), S.Vella (S.Stojanovic 41) D.Cilia


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