Depiro sign Adrian Micallef and American Greg Hamlin

Friday, November 4, 2011, 9:12

After having signed up Abraham Portelli during the summer transfer period, Depiro Mtarfa managed to conclude two new signings during the October transfer window. In a further bid to strengthen their squad, Depiro managed to agree terms with Adiran Micallef and American Greg Hamlin.

Adrian Micallef has vast experience in the Maltese league having won 3 National Championships, 8 MBA Shields, 3 Knock Out Trophies amongst other honors. He has been part of the national Team for over 14years, with whom he participated in various FIBA and GSSE competitions. He was also part of the Malta Falcons squad that participated in the Italian League.

On his part Greg Hamlin has also tasted success in the Unites States. He played for Flint Northern High School and then joined Mott Community College winning a National Championship in his second year with them. He later joined East Tennessee State University for 2 years and in his senior year his team went on to  become States Champions and played in the 2009 NCAA Tournament.


  1. louis mizzi says:

    Here we go again………b dejna bil lapsus. If as Truly Bball Lover said that Depiro is close to Atlheta, than what a shame for the rest of the teams like Luxol, Siggiewi, Loyola and Floriana . Ghax Depiro were given a beating last Sunday vs Atletha, mela what will happen to the rest of Division One Clubs. Again it will be boring to watch games at ta qali. Kollox for Atletha.


    Baller Reply:

    If its going to be boring to watch games theres no need for you to come to ta qali and theres no need for your lame comments neither.


    Truly Bball Lover Reply:

    Athleta are good … and I beleive that Depiro and sigiewi are closest.. (if depiro plays like last sunday not so close) ….. Biex ma jkunx kollox for atlheta …. iridu jinbidlu hafna u hafna regoli … !!!


    louis mizzi Reply:

    il loghba tar referees and nothing else. il calls are not consistant. King Gordon leads and all the rest follows. About time we see some italian referees.


    Ali Reply:

    Veru Mr. Mizzi. For all categories??????????

    Sam Aquili Reply:

    If this is what Mr Mizzi is asking for Italian Referees, might aswell we start getting these ITALIAN referees for all categories. Why not Mr.Mizzi think about joining the referees association and start control games with King Gordon and the others who follows. That will be a good move from your side to help. Nice of you to critisise but better to show off yourself and help rather hide yourself as LOUIS Mizzi. As far I know the late Mr.Mizzi, which seems you are nothing less mustaccun like him, was asked to wear the orange shirt after he tried to manage to control a situation from the VIP from stopping King Gordon taking action when there was a fight between the Viola Bench. Hope MBA will follow Mizzi suggestion, if so…. might aswell for all categories not for Senior Championship.

    RAMBO Reply:

    Bernard l ahjar ghax jirrefja meta int ma tkunx awwek.
    U it taljini ingibuhom meta l entratura naghmluha 20ewro ha naraw kemm tibqa issegwieh inti il baskitbol.

  2. Truly Bball Lover says:

    i guess now depiro are Favorites wuth loyola !!


    Truly Bball Lover Reply:

    i ment with atlheta sowwy!


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