Depiro presents Female Senior Squad

Wednesday, September 28, 2011, 11:01

In a press conference this week Depiro presented the Female Senior Squad which will once again be sponsored by McDonalds. The past 15 years have been full of success for Depiro’s female sector, winning various honours from the Juniors all the way up to the Seniors. Last year alone, Depiro won the Under 14 and Under 16 girls championships, placed 3rd in the Under20s and won the Super Cup and Knock Out in the seniors sector.

Furthermore the club had 5 Under 16 players who won Bronze with the National Team in Andorra. This summer, the club has worked harder to strengthen the squad. After a year on loan with McDonalds Depiro, Francesca Bianco has been confirmed. The club has also signed 3 extremely promising youngsters, Emma Grech, Tina De Martino and Steffi De Martino, all of whom have had National Team experiences. The objectives for the McDonalds Depiro team are quite clear that is to continue on the success of the past years. This has been possible thanks to the continuous help of McDonalds.

McDonalds Marketing Manager, Natasha Giorgio, said that it has been now quite a few years that McDonalds have been sponsoring Depiro’s senior squad. The company was quite happy with the club’s success throughout these years and we are sure to see them challenging for honours.

This sponsorship is part of the company’s strategy to help various clubs in different sports promote local athletes. Basketball is a popular sport in Malta and we hope that through this sponsorship we encourage others to include sports in their life style.

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