Demajo presents more irregular MFA contracts in Court

Saturday, May 8, 2010, 21:08

by Sandro Micallef

The official campaign by former MFA treasurer Norman Darmanin Demajo for the forthcoming MFA Presidential election was intended to kick start later on this month. This morning the prospective candidate couldn’t but fire back allegations addressed to him by Joe Mifsud earlier in the week, thus unofficially starting  his electoral campaign.

Darmanin Demajo who is currently the Vice President of 2nd Division Club St. Andrews FC, called a Press Conference which, as he stated ,was aimed to clarify and rebut allegations made by Dr. Mifsud in TVM’s programme Dissett broadcast on Tuesday 4th May 2010. After a lengthy introduction, Darmanin Demajo said that all the current hype consisting of continuous allegations made in public, was not a matter of conflict between Dr. Mifsud and himself, but it was as he described it “a personal issue”. The former head of finance at the MFA said that he couldn’t accept anymore irregularities that were being undertaken during  his time in office. “Way back in 2000 I had to make a clear decision: to either staying with my mouth shut and be passive by letting things happen the way they were, or to stand up and voice my concern to preserve the respect and dignity of all involved in local football” he remarked.

Darmanin Demajo then went on to say that one of his main concerns was the issue of the CWL (TV rights German company) contract which he said was signed by Dr. Mifsud alone on his personal behalf with no other MFA official acting as a witness or second signatory. “You all know the story, but I am here to remind you once again of this irregular contract that was signed by Mifsud” said Darmanin Demajo. The speaker added that this particular contract featured a hand written figure of 250,000 USD that were to be paid to the Malta FA for TV rights in return for a deal that would see Bayern FC of Germany playing against the Malta National team in a friendly game which in fact was eventually scheduled.

Darmanin Demajo said that there was another worrying aspect in this contract, whereby the agreed TV rights sum was to be deposited into a trust account. “This is not acceptable” he said, referring to the fact that to his knowledge, the Malta Football Association only had one account and no other so called trust account. The contract, he added, stipulated that the amount was to be paid within an established time frame which was more or less that of fifteen days but the money only appeared in the MFA’s bank account four months later, precisely on the 12th October 2000 while the contract was signed on 1st June 2000. Darmanin Demajo said that he was not criticizing Joe Mifsud for his ability to bring funds to the Malta FA, but he was just raising concern over the irregular clauses of this contract and voiced his concern on how the deal was made.

The prospective MFA President said that several  international media reports investigated the alleged financial lobbying of the German FA who at that time was bidding to FIFA to host the 2006 World Cup. These reports (Panorama TV programme aired on BBC, the book Foul written by Andrew Jennings and the investigative report in the German publication Manager Magazine) all alleged that the German FA was promising TV rights money in exchange for a confirmation of a vote in favour of Germany to host the World Cup. Joe Mifsud representing the Malta FA was cited together with the Presidents of Tunisia, Thailand and Trinidad Tobago.

Darmanin Demajo also said that all these reports claimed that the sum that was being promised to the Associations for Bayern to play a game against their National teams was that of 300,000USD but the MFA account was only credited with 250,000USD.

Darmanin Demajo said that he is still upset at the fact that despite having written to the Board of Inquiry of the MFA and also to the Chairman of the Board of Auditors to ask them to investigate the above matters, he never got an acknowledgment, let alone a reply. All he got was a notification from the Malta Police that Dr. Mifsud had filed a libel case against him for defamation, which libel case has being ongoing for almost two years now.

From left Paul Falzon, Norman Darmanin Demajo and Dr. Chris Bonett during Saturday's Press Conference
From left Paul Falzon, Norman Darmanin Demajo and Dr. Chris Bonett during Saturday’s Press Conference

The St. Andrews Vice President, who was accompanied by his lawyer Dr. Chris Bonett and Paul Falzon, St. Andrews President, added that he is aware of other irregularities done by Dr. Mifsud during these 18 years that the Qrendi man was in power. When pressed by to give more details about this new allegation, Demajo said that he had presented three other copies of contracts that all involve some sort of irregularity in court. He added that he had taken the decision to give a copy of all the documentation of the wrong doing, of which he was in possession, to six of his closest allies just in case he would not be able to fight for his rights in the near future.

Question time was not the easiest for Demajo as he had to respond to some direct questions made by amongst which was: why he was referring to Mifsud’s wrong doings as allegations when he was that sure and confident about these wrong doings. “Why are you referring to these irregularities as allegations instead of referring to them as facts ?” asked this website. Demajo said that he will prove all this in court in the libel case opened against him by the MFA President.

Earlier in his long speech Darmanin Demajo had uttered his concern about the fact that he had been chasing the MFA for the original copy of the CWL contract but this was never given to him. He was only given a true copy. asked, “Did you directly ask CWL or Bayern Munich to see the original contract ?” Demajo’s reply was a short no.

Another question by this website was “Did you take interest in handing over the true copy to a calligraphy expert to seek assistance about the handwritten figure of 250,000USD which was inserted in the blanks space of the CWL contract”, Darmanin Demajo said that he did not.

The well attended Press Conference which was held at the Le Meridien St. Julians lasted just over ninety minutes. Norman Darmanin Demajo in his conclusion claimed that he was confident that the Malta courts would find Dr. Mifsud guilty of the allegations that the ex treasurer was firing back, namely those of misappropriation of money and not abiding by the Association’s statute.

Darmanin Demajo finally revealed that he would take up the challenge made by Dr. Mifsud during TVM’s Dissett programme. Demajo gave instructions to his lawyer Dr.Chris Bonett to start proceedings to open a libel case against Joe Mifsud, after the latter referred to Darmanin Demajo as being a liar.

Watch parts of this morning’s Press Conference


  1. John Maggio says:

    Sandro, your answer to “Did you directly ask CWL or Bayern Munich to see the original”? was not a simple NO. I know this as I was present for the conference, since I am involved in a local club. Actually for such a lame question you got quite a good answer, which was that Norman is not an investigative journalist !! It is up to the MFA and board of Inquiry to investigate on the matter, it is in their interest, not for Norman Darmanin Demajo to do this ! As you know, without me having to tell you, your job is to report on things as they are and not be biased !



    John Maggio Reply:

    Well done !!! :)


    Sportinmalta Reply:

    Hi Mr. Maggio

    Are you referring to me as being biased ? I have no interests in being biased as you have ! I do not have any agenda like you have. I do not represent any club like you ! The NO answer by Mr. Darmanin Demajo is recorded on tape, he simply said NO and that was news value for me. If you and your fellow colleagues have any difficulties or problems with having me over for your candidate’s Press Conferences just do not invite me ! BUT if I am invited I have all the right to ask direct questions and report facts as I have done. If this is not what you want you can freely inform Mr. Darmanin Demajo’s and the rest of your friends not to invite me at first place, I have much more important things to do rather than coming to a Press Conference listening to an old ten year old story and being pointed at by canvassers ! Sandro Micallef


  2. Mark Taliana says:

    I have followed all this from the past but it was just yesterday that I got some hold of what exactly happened. Joe Mifsud could you present the original Bayern Munich contract and tell us where you hid the money for those 4 months. The local football community is waiting for significant answers and I hope that you will not run away before you speak about this story.


  3. Chris Vella says:

    Dr.Mifsud no need to say, you’re another one of those who stick to the chair, pretend you know it all and even abuse of power. Great advert for local football, you are surely not one to follow. Dede ahna warajk!!!!!!!


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