Degiorgio takes top place in National Championships

Tuesday, June 14, 2011, 0:20

Charles Degiorgio is the 2011 overall champion of the 4th edition of the Malta Drug-Free Powerlifting Association’s National Championships.  Degiorgio lifted 185kgs in the squat, bench pressed 110kgs and deadlifted 225kgs to claim the -75kg category title, while claiming the overall on points, ousting Mark Briffa, who came runner-up in the -75kg category and overall.  Third place overall was -82.5kg category champion Alexandr Dolgopolyk, while -90kg category champion for the second consecutive year Kris Mintoff came a close fourth in the overall placings.  Daniel Debono won best bench press award in the -75kg category, while Alex Dolgopolyk and Josef Spiteri won the 82.5kg category and -90kg category best bench awards respectively.

18 athletes made it to this year’s National Championships, contesting 5 weight categories besides the overall placings.  Mariel Incorvaja was the only female lifter this year.  Teenager Mark Formosa managed to break the -82.5kg category National Record Bench Press with a 133.5kg press.  However this record was shortlived since a few minutes later Alex Dolgopolyk managed to break it again with a 135kg lift.  Formosa’s attempt to claim it again with a 135.5kg lift proved futile.  Former World Champion and last year’s overall National Champ Mario Mifsud had a disappointing day when he failed a 170kg bench press after squatting 235kgs.  He attempted to break the World record in the deadlift with a 312.5kg pull but missed narrowly to go home empty handed.  However he is sure to come back better and stronger at the World Championships in Glasgow next November.

90kg Champion Kristian Mintoff also failed to break the National record in the deadlift with a 255.5kg failed attempt.  This came two weeks after a positive showing at the European Championships in Bournemouth where he placed fourth in the -90kg category.

After the contest the winners were presented trophies by World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation President Wim Backelant who was present for the occasion.

Two lifters, Mark Briffa and Alex Dolgopolyk were tested for performance enhancing substances since there is a mandatory rule which stipulates that 10% of the athletes must be tested at National Championships and International Competitions.  There is a lifeban for any athlete testing positive or refusing the test.

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