Davina Mangion quits National Team

Thursday, July 26, 2012, 10:31

Davina Mangion

Close sources to the ASA have confirmed with this site that 24 year old National Team swimmer Davina Mangion has decided to come out of the Pool and focus only on Open Water Swimming. This is a big blow for Malta swimming coach Andy Colbourn who is now left with only three top female swimmers for the Luxembourg GSSE 2013, with the other female swimmers too young to be introduced for the games.

In the past two years we have witnessed a number of National Team swimmers who have decided to call it a day from competitive swimming. The likes of Melinda Sue Micallef, Talisa Pace and Neil Agius have all decided to stop from the daily tiring routine of early morning and afternoon training sessions.
Swimming is considered to be a very tough sport to train and while preparing for competitions, athletes lament that unfortunately it is not always rewarding. Although the National Pool facilities have improved immensely one notes that the ASA and the KMS together have to strive more on retention of swimmers.
Davina Mangion has been swimming at a competitive level for the past 15 years. Her first coach was Gail Rizzo. She is presently the Head coach of the Sirens ASC Nursery and will now dedicate more time to coaching young swimmers. Last year she spent 10 months in Bath (UK) reading a Masters Degree in Sports Management. Andy Colbourn was the first one to be informed about Mangion’s decision so he tried to persuade her to change her mind. An ASA official confirmed that the MOC will soon summon Mangion to ask her to swim at least in the GSSE 2013 relay races.
Mangion broke the news to her swimming mates at last weekend’s Nationals which were held at the National Pool.


  1. oliver says:

    wish her all the best and good luck for the future


    John Pace Reply:

    Thank you for always making Malta proud, and thank you for your present wort at Sirens ASC .


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