David Agius to face MBA Disciplinary Board

Friday, April 29, 2011, 11:24

by Sandro Micallef

The President of Siggiewi Basketball Club and Member of Parliament, David Agius is to appear in front of a Disciplinary Board of the Malta Basketball Association (MBA) tomorrow in relation to the incidents that marred last weekend’s final game of the Louis Borg Cup. Agius holds the post of Vice President of the MBA and it is in relation to this MBA post that he is being summoned to appear in front of the Board.

The charge being brought against Hon. Agius is related to threats he made to the referees during the match and also at half time when he followed the officials into their changing room.

Athleta, who ended on the losing end, wrote to the MBA to protest about Agius’ behavior, implying that the latter’s insults towards the game officials conditioned the refereeing in the remaining part of the game.

David Agius, in an email that was circulated to the media declared that “the minor incident of disagreeing with the referees calls (as is the norm in many sports) was so minor that there was no report lodged by any Malta Basketball Official, Referee, Game Commissioner, Police Officials or media reporters which were all present during the mentioned game.”

Agius drew Mr Edmund Farrugia, an Athleta Club Official, into the picture and said that “during the mentioned game (Farrugia) shouted and disagreed with match officials, and sent some 10 emails addressed to each member of the Malta Basketball President’s Council, Clubs and other officials, that Athleta wrote to the Malta Basketball Association. In one of his emails Mr Farrugia threatens one and all quote “maybe the association wants us to bring in thugs for our future finals!!!! Rest in peace PRESIDENT COUNCIL.” unquote. ”

Agius continued “Furthermore we strongly deny that any basketball official was insulted at any time of the game. This is confirmed by the fact that no report was submitted by any one of the 3 referees, 3 table officials and more than 4 members of the Presidents Council present for the game.”

The Siggiewi President also said that disciplinary action should be taken against Mr David Schembri, Vice President of the MBA and Secretary General of Athleta BC, for divulging information from the Presidents Council meeting, when he was not authorized to do so, thus going against article 49 of the MBA statute.

Agius tried to argue his way out of appearing in front of a Disciplinary Board by stating that “in the MBA rules and regulations it is stated point 2.8 “Disciplinary meetings” that “In no case should the sitting (the disciplinary sitting) be held after the next competitive game of the reported player/club” and due to the fact that yesterday Wednesday 27th April 2011 our Club played a competitive game against Luxol then any disciplinary meeting is null and void.”

The MBA rebutted Agius’ claims by stating that “With reference to you email below kindly note that the Interpreted Article (2.8) only refers to Players or Club. As you understand you were neither a player nor a Club. As explained in article 1.2 of the same rules, “Club” is a constituted body or entity affiliated formally to the MBA.”


  1. Edmund says:

    The one that could not accept defeat was the one in the VIP area……personally I left the Pavillion after two minutes of the second half as I envisaged what was about to happen. AND I WAS PROVED RIGHT.
    Siggiewi should be celebrating victory but instead you are celebrating the defeat of ATHLETA BASKETBALL CLUB and that honours us immensely.
    BIKKEJA – I guess you have a short memory as Siggiewi could not accept defeat from another Sliema team LUXOL with Siggiewi spearheading the suspension of the league for nearly two months and the ripple effects we are witnessing today. Siggiew turned the Ta Qali Pavillion into an indoor swimming pool with all your weeping (bitching).


    Joe Borg Reply:

    Hasra mghamilx lilek qaddis il-papa dal-ghodu !


    karmnu Reply:

    mela inaqqadt mal-luxol issa….kemm ghandek memorja qasira…jew ghadhom jugawk snienek?


  2. Joseph says:

    Jien segwaci tal basketball Malti pero ma jkollix cans nattendi u ma tantx nista nikkumenta fuq dak li jigri f’ta qali.Pero din li s-sur Aguis jaghmel dawn it tip ta xeni f’ta qali kemm il darba qrajt fuqom f’diversi gazzetti f’dawn l-ahhar snin.Is sena l-ohra stess kien anke fuq l-ahbarijiet wara xi incidenti simili li graw ghal aktar minn darba tul l-istagun. Dawn huma affarijiet li wiehed ghandu jikkundanna,specjalment min bniedem li suppost huwa ta kariga gholja fil pajjiz u jrid jaghti ezemju.


  3. kburi li mis-SIGGIEWI says:



  4. Charles Theuma says:

    I don’t follow basketball so I cannot comment about what happened at the games.
    But the point i would like to make is that people in authority, members of the judiciary etc SHOULD not get involved in sport. Period.


  5. looser says:

    Vera kas ta’ bikkeja. Kunu sportivi u accettaw it-telfa. Siggiewi rebhu fuq mertu taghhom. Din l-istess strategija diga intuzat sentejn ilu meta dak in-nhar tilfu fil-final kontra il-Luxol.

    Bye Bye dream team

    Bikkej Edmundo Josè Mourinho 


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