Daniel “The Jet” Zahra claims middleweight WKN K1 title belt

Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 20:00

by Alex Zammit

The Malta Kick Boxing and K1 National championships which were held on Tuesday the 28th of June at the Stitch club in San Gwann, Malta, were a huge success. The ‘Gladiators Promoters’ delivered what they promised an exciting fight event which was easily one of the best .in recent years.

The large crowd of spectators and fans vociferously showed their appreciation and support for the event by being proactive all the way, often chanting the name of the fighters. The venue it self was excellent well lit and the organization was smooth and fault less. A truly enjoyable and memorable fight night.

Group Photo from left Coach Silvio Camilleri, Coach Scott Dixon, Super Steve Martin, Daniel Zahra, Coach Noel Mercieca, Promoter Isaac Chetcuti

Main Event K1 – Steve Martin vs Daniel Zahra (Middleweight)

Round 1 – Both fighters came out of their corners hard, fast and vicious and engaged directly at close quarters exchanging several low kicks and blows, with the action going back and forth. Martin suffers a cut to the forehead over his right eye.

Round 2 – Martin got the upper hand in the opening minute with two beautifully executed front kicks, which had Zahra down on the canvas momentarily, in this round both fighters landed several kicks and blows but Martin seemed to have the upper hand in this round.

Round 3 – Zahra came out strong with flurries of kicks and punches; Martin picked up the pace and responded. Both fighters showing no fear exchanged blow for blow and kick for kick but neither could quite connect a KO blow with the knee.

The last two rounds added to the drama in great fashion. Zahra continued his incredible assault, while Martin increased his output, himself looking for the knockout. Zahra looked like he was close to getting it when he battered Martin in the last minute of the fifth round. The closing seconds of the last round definitely belonged to Zahra, a well executed round house kick missed Martin by inches and the plucky Martin although being battered on the ropes held on and found the strength to block the onslaught of blows and kicks unleashed by Zahra.

In the end, neither one scored a KO but they still delivered a brutal and thrilling middleweight war, a candidate for the Maltese “K1 Fight of the Year”. It was a close fight and the judges had to decide who would leave the ring with the prestigious local WKN belt. Zahra got the decision but it is without a doubt that both fighters showed true mettle and proved themselves as true warriors in the ring.

Co Main Event – K1 – Renald “Ice Man” Tabone vs Reuben “Wolf” Azzopardi Tabone for the Red Dragon and Azzopardi for the Ying Yang – battled for the Maltese light heavyweight WKN title. This was a three round contest; both fighters came out fighting from a distance and avoided engaging in close combat, both using jabs and high kicks trying to find an opening for a KO blow. The end came for Tabone in the third round when Azzopardi locked him in the corner and delivered a beautifully executed knee strike to the side which send him down to the canvas. Tabone could not regain his feet and referee Demis Sicluna waved it off with one minute to go.

Undercard – Main

MaltaHeavyweight Kickboxing Title – Sean Cutajar (for the Wu Shu Ky) vs Kevin Cassar (for the Ying Yang). The first round opened with heavy punches and some nicely place kicks by Cutajar but the tide soon turned as Cassar upped the pressure and Cutajar startd to absorb some heavy punishment from the faster Cassar. While Cutajar had his moments there was little doubt as to the outcome of this encounter and the judges had no problems in declaring Cassar the winner.

MaltaCruiserweight Kickboxing Title – Tyron Borg (for the Wu Su Ky) vs Nicky Ellul (for the Ying Yang) – A balanced fight in the first two rounds, with Borg showing slightly superior punching power. The tide turned toward the end of round two when it seemed that Ellul had run out of steam. Borg took the title on a points win.

Malta Super Cruiserweight Kickboxing Title Belt – Eman Zammit (from The New Kickboxing Club) vs Elian Mallia (from the Ying Yang) – Both fighter started very aggressive and exchanged flurries of low kicks and punches, round 2 was more of the same, with Mallia showing signs of settling down and edging ahead, round 3 Mallia found his range and started landing better kicks and blows – Mallia became champion on a points win.

Malta Lightweight Kick Boxing Title – Jonathan Curmi of the Ying Yang defeated Damian Cacciatolo of the Wu Shu Ky in an exciting all action and balanced fight that started the crowd chanting their support for their favorite fighter. The judges were hard pressed to distinguish between the two well prepared fighters but in the end Curmi, celebrated victory.

Malta Welterweight Kick Boxing Title: Terence Cilia of the Ying Yang defeated a game but outclassed Tyron Muscat of the Wu Shu Ky – Cilia came out fast and furious, to his merit Muscat rallied against the onslaught to answer back with some well executed kicks and punches but Cilia showed superior ring skills and the judges gave him victory on points.

Undercard – Non Title – Full Protection Gear.

  • Alan Ellul of the Ying Yang defeated Clayton Portelli of the Wu Shu Ky on points.
  • Lorna Mifsud of the Wu shy Ky defeated Jessie Davey of the Yin Yang on points
  • Andrew Hillsden of the Ying Yang defeated Joseph Fenech of the Wu Shu Ky on Points

The Hillsden vs Fenech fight is worth noting because Hillsden is 50 years of age and he was taking on an opponent half his age. Andrew Hillsden sporting a good physique and a good level of fitness started training kickboxing at the late age of 49 and considering his age his skill level is quite good, his fitness was also tested to the full when the judges ordered two extra rounds of one minute each as they could not decide on a winner.

All Photos by Martin Agius – www.light2print.com


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    Thankyou for correcting the error.


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    As per my knowledge the lightweight title went to Jonathan Curmi and not to Cacciattolo. Is it a typing mistake?


  3. isaac says:

    The fight between Jonathan Curmi vs. Damian Cacciatolo. The WINNER is Jonathan Curmi

    Gladiators Promotions


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    PLEASE NOTE: Lightweight Kickboxing Title: Jonathan Curmi Is the winner in this category!!


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