Cycling: Cycling NGO gives heat wave advice to commuters

Monday, July 17, 2017, 11:05

Bicycle commuting is a fast and efficient way to get around, so local cycling NGO, the BAG, are giving the following advice to commuters in the expected heat wave. Rule one, keep well hydrated. Think in terms of drinking twice your normal daily average during a heat wave. If you feel thirsty your body is telling you that you are already dehydrated. Carrying a bottle of water isn’t just for the LifeCycle or Tour de France professionals! Rules number 2 and 3 are equally obvious. Dress lightly, but please do so with a little decorum, and avoid the midday sun. Very few people for instance commute in the midday sun in a suit! Go in that little bit earlier and seriously consider some tech clothing that wicks sweat away if you really can’t avoid ‘that’ hill.

Rule number 4 is a little more inventive. Pick routes that are flatter, with more shade if you can. Quite often different parts of urban roads will be in shade at different times of the day especially early morning and late afternoon, so work these new shady lanes into your commute. Rule 5 is all about luggage, get as much off you and onto your bike as you can. Ditch the backpack you carry your work clothes in for panniers, a saddle bag or handlebar bag.

Rule number 6. You love your bike and probably keep it running smoothly, but that helmet needs some TLC too. Rather than remove pads that get sweaty, leave them in and rinse the whole helmet. Those pads will tend to last longer that way. Something else that also helps is a bandana under your helmet to soak up any sweat, while wetting this before you leave can keep your head cool while everyone else is losing theirs in superheated car-jam road rage as you sail past.

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