Cucci and Tecca guests of Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports

Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 7:00

As of this evening the Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports (Malta Sports Journalists Association) will be conducting a two day seminar in Sports Journalism. Amogst the distinguished guests there will be also two italian sports journalists and commentators namely Italo Cucci of RAI Sports and Massimo Tecca of Sky Sports.

The seminar is open to all journalists and prospective journalists with interest in sports journalism. More information can be obtained from the General Secretary of the GħĠS Sandro Micallef on

Informative CV of Italo Cucci

Italian journalist Italo Cucci, born in 1939 was raised in the Northern City of Rimini where he also started his career with the weekly periodical ‘La Provincia’, in 1958. Afterwards he started collaborating with various newspapers and magazines such as; Lo Specchio, Il Meridiano, Qui Italia, La Folla and Reporter before establishing himself as a professional journalist with one of the oldest newspapers of Bologna ‘Il Resto del Carlino’. Currently Cucci lives in Pantelleria and works as a freelancer.

Italo Cucci (centre) with Napoli President De Laurentis (right)

Besides giving an important input to Italian journalism by performing lectures at most of the major Italian and Slovenian universities, the 72 year old journalist has directed some of the most renowned Italian sports periodicals such as ‘Il Guerin Sportivo’, Il Corriere dell Sport-Stadio and ‘Il Quotidiano Nazionale’ which publishes ‘La Nazione’, ‘il Giorno’ and ‘Il Resto del Carlino’. Other outstanding projects throughout Cucci’s career were the monthly ‘Master’ and the weekly ‘Autosprint’. Currently he is the director of the editorial press agency ‘Italpress’ where he also collaborates as the editor of a number of local and national newspapers. Italo Cucci is also responsible of the sports pages of ‘Roma’  and the sports editor of the ‘Gazzetta di Parma’, ‘Avvenire’ and ‘Napolissimo’.

During his career Cucci was honored with various recognitions, particularly with the Dino Ferrari Achievement who was presented to him by Enzo Ferrari. He is also the author of several biographies and chronologies such as ‘Minuto per Minuto’, ‘Il mio Mondo’ and his auto biography ‘Un nemico al giorno’. Italo Cucci is also renowned for raising and guiding some of the best Italian journalists. He reported ten World Cup editions (Germany 74 – South Africa 2010) and six Olympics. Cucci is one of the most respected sports editors and analysts of RAI and is currently one of the resident guests of RAI international’s ‘La Giostra dei Gol’.

Informative CV of Massimo Tecca

Massimo Tecca

Massimo Tecca was born in Rome in 1958. He started his career by collaborating to the periodical ‘Paese Sera’ during the World Cup edition of Argentina in 1978 nad made his debut with his first football commentary on local Roman television stations VideoUno and GBR. In 1985 the Italian journalist passed to ‘Corriere dello Sport-Stadio’ and in 91 he was one of the first to be recruited at the newly opened sports channel Telepiu` where he started commentating the Spanish La Liga together with Serie C, Serie B and Serie A matches.

Tecca joined the satellite channel Stream in 1999 where he works till today after the station was changed into Sky in 2003. Today Massimo Tecca is one of the most renowned football commentators in Italy having commentated over 2000 matches of domestic and international championships, European and World Cups. Some of the most memorable matches which were commentated by Tecca are; the three consecutive Champions League finals (2001-2003) and the 2006 World Cup semi final between France and Portugal.

Nowadays Tecca works exclusively with Sky Sports and Sky Sport 24 sports news channel.

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