Cricketeers battle it out in Safi

Sunday, May 9, 2010, 22:21

On Saturday the Captain’s XI took on the Chairman’s XI in a twenty over game at the Safi ground.

Action from Saturday's game

The Captains team won the toss and elected to bat first. With six runs on the board the Captains team lost two wickets, that of John Grima (four runs) and that of Darren Grech. Both were bowled by Nowell Khosla. The tragedy did not stop there with Sarfraz Ali being bowled in the following over by Sam Aquilina for one run. Ronnie Sacco (twenty runs) and Mike Caruana (twenty five runs) picked up the scoring. Caruana was eventually bowled by Aquilina and Sacco was caught and bowled by Derek Ali. Gordon Hewitt amassed twenty runs including two boundaries before he was caught on the boundary. The bowler was Adam caruana. The Captains XI totalled a mere 80 runs.

The Captains side were not to thrilled with their batting performance. Joy Ghoseroy and Will Nichols opened the batting. Ghoseroy (three runs) was bowled in the third over by Darren Grech also giving the Chairman’s team a bad start. Nicholls went on to top score for his team with fourteen runs. Sam Aquilina (bowled by Gordon Hewitt), Nowell Khosla (l.b.w by John Grima), Derek Ali (bowled by Mike Caruana) and Adam Caruana (bowled by Mike Caruana) all made seven runs each. The Chairman’s team were bowled out for 48 runs.

On Thursday the Marsa C.C will take on the HMS Lancaster in a twenty over match at the Marsa Cricket ground starting at 4:00pm.

Over the weekend the Marsa team take on Brampton Bryan & Leintwardine C.C in a two game series. Both games start at 10:30am

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