Cremona F.illi Bari Reggio Emilia are Champions of Italian Table Football

Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 16:32

Last weekend in Chianciano Terme, 2nd round of Italian Serie A and Serie B and round robin league of Serie C and D was held with ten clubs in each division.

Seven Maltese players with five different clubs were involved with their respective clubs. Massimo Cremona with F.illi Bari Reggiana and Samuel Bartolo with CCT Roma in Serie A while trio Joseph Mifsud, Hansel Mallia and Steve Austin with Fiamme Azzurre in Serie B. Patrick Pace with Lazio and Adrian Bonnici with Spezia in Serie C.

Current European Champions F.illi Bari Reggio Emilia confirmed once again their strength when at Chianciano Terme they won the Italian League of Serie A for the 3rd time in their history.

As expected European Champions F.illi Bari Reggio Emilia together with reigning Champion Perugia and Coppa Italia winners Pisa started the 2nd round favourites for the title as just 1 point separate the 3 clubs as after 1st round Reggiana and Perugia lead the table of Serie A with 20points, followed closely by Pisa with 19pts, CCT Roma and Milano 16pts,

With identical wins over Bari and Rieti of 2-1, Bologna 3-0, Urbino 2-0 and Napoli 3-1, Reggio Emilia ended the day of Saturday with 5 straight wins building 4 points advantage over Perugia and 7 points over Pisa.

Sunday programme started immediately with top of the table clash between Reggio Emilia and Perugia which ended in a 1-1 draw thus keeping the 4 points advantage. Difficult win over Pisa 2-1 and a comfortable win over Roma 3-0 enable Reggio Emilia to be mathematically Crowned Champions of Italy. Last game against Milano was a formality although they won 3-1.

Cremona figured 17 out of the 18 club matches.

The team was composed of Saverio Bari (capt), Marco Lamberti, Giancarlo Giulianini, Giacomo Monica, Alessandro Corda, Spanish Carlos Flores and Massimo Cremona.

Serie A final classification - 

Reggio Emilia 45pts, Perugia 39pts, Pisa 33pts, Milan 27pts, Roma 24pts, Bologna 21pts, Napoli 20pts, Bari 14pts, Urbino 10pts and Rieti 3pts.

Serie B

Fiamme Azzure won the Serie B.

After dominating the 1st round of Serie B, Fiamme Azzure continued to dominate this division with 9 straight wins and there was no doubt about were the Serie B title was going to end up.

Joseph Mifsud and Hansel Mallia figured out in all club matches. Steve Austin also formed part of the team.

Serie B final classification –

Fiamme Azzure 52pts, Torino 38pts, Sessana 36pts, San Remo 31pts, Biella 28pts, Brescia and Ascoli 19pts, Catania 17pts, Cosenza 9pts and Cagliari 5pts.

Serie C

In this division Veterans Maltese players Patrick Pace with Lazio and Adrian Bonnici with Spezia helped their respective clubs keep their status in this division.

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